Kevin Owens Explains His Love for Beating Up Logan Paul

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens recently revealed his disrespect for the Paul brothers long before Logan Paul joined WWE. Owens has very little patience for annoyances and that is exactly how he sees the Paul brothers.
WWE Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens recently revealed his disrespect for the Paul brothers long before Logan Paul joined WWE. Owens has very little patience for annoyances and that is exactly how he sees brothers Logan and Jake Paul.

Kevin Owens’ apparent hatred spans years. However, with Logan Paul being not only a WWE Superstar but the United States champion, the upstart WWE Superstar is not going anywhere anytime soon. During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Owens revealed that he forbade his son from watching Logan and Jake Paul long before Logan joined the WWE. Owens stated the following:

“When Owen started watching YouTube years ago, the one thing I told him, ‘You’re not allowed to watch Logan or Jake Paul.’ I found them extremely aggravating, and I didn’t want to hear their voices coming out of his iPad. Thankfully, to this day, he still won’t watch them, so I’m doing pretty good.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Is Kevin Owens’ Hatred of Logan Paul Genuine?

At last month’s WWE Royal Rumble, Owens challenged Paul for Paul’s WWE United States Championship. Owens came out on the losing end of that match because of a DQ. However, Owens isn’t out of Paul’s orbit just yet. This past Saturday at WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth both men competed in the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

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Kevin Owens was not past his hatred for Paul. When Paul’s chamber pod opened, Owens rushed it and closed the door behind him, enclosing himself and Paul in the pod as Owens beat him down. The two men came at each other repeatedly during the match and showed that their rivalry is far from over and that they had not moved past it. 

Before the Elimination Chamber match, Owens was asked by The West Sport what it was like to have a feud with Paul and have to interact with him again in the Elimination Chamber match. Kevin Owens stated on Logan Paul before the premium live event:

“[Logan Paul is] extremely aggravating and stressful and annoying and just, I can’t wait for it to be over and I just want to get away from him for as long as I can. He’s an unbearable human being. Any chance I get to beat the hell out of him, I’m happy. So if that’s what I get to do… If the price to pay is being around him, but the reward is getting to beat the hell out of him, then I can tolerate it. But, I’m going to hopefully take his title and move on.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

The men’s Elimination Chamber was one of the best matches of the night. Kevin Owens and Paul put up a great performance, but neither man was able to come out on top. Both Kevin Owens and Paul came up against a viper with Randy Orton eliminating them both. In the end, Drew McIntyre came out on top with a lot of help from Paul. Paul hit Orton with a punch while wearing brass knuckles. This gave McIntyre the chance he needed to win the match.

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McIntyre will have his chance to dethrone the World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL. With Paul possibly costing Orton the match, that means Orton will likely be looking to exact his revenge at WrestleMania XL. Orton is not the type of wrestler to forgive and forget. One would expect that Logan Paul will find out why Orton is a 14-time champion and so well respected in WWE come April.

This year’s WrestleMania, occurring April 6 and 7, is shaping up pretty nicely so far. McIntyre vs. Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship is one hell of a match. However, it just gets better from there. Cody Rhodes will challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and it looks like Rhodes and Rollins will challenge Rock and Reigns in a tag team match.

WWE Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre
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Finally, Rhea Ripley will defend her Women’s World Championship against the winner of the women’s Elimination Chamber match, Becky Lynch. Bayley will challenge WWE Women’s Champion IYO Sky. Those are just the matches we know about so far.

Do you hate Logan Paul as much as Kevin Owens does? What did you think of Paul’s performance in the Elimination Chamber match? Were you hoping for Drew McIntyre to win it? If not, who did you want to see win the match? Would you like to see Randy Orton vs. Paul at WrestleMania? Who would you like to see Kevin Owens begin feuding with and possibly having a WrestleMania match with? Let us know if you think McIntyre has the best chance of dethroning Rollins out of everyone in the Elimination Chamber match.

SOURCE: Submission Radio, Wrestling Inc., The West Sport, Wrestling Inc.

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