MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE’S Scare Glow Gets an Awesome New Soft-Vinyl Figure From Mondo

Scare Glow is for sale! The first of Mondo’s vinyl soft figures to debut in 2024, the 15” Masters of the Universe: Scareglow Soft Vinyl Figure - Timed Edition will retail for around $265.
Scare Glow Masters of the Universe Mondo vinyl

Scare Glow is for sale! The first of Mondo’s vinyl soft figures to debut in 2024, the 15” Masters of the Universe: Scareglow Soft Vinyl Figure – Timed Edition will retail for around $265.

Who Is Scare Glow From Masters of the Universe?

Scareglow is a character from the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) franchise, which originated as a line of action figures produced by Mattel in the 1980s. Known as the “Evil Ghost of Skeletor,” Scareglow is one of the villains in the MOTU universe, characterized by his skeletal appearance reminiscent of Skeletor but with a distinct glowing effect.

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Typically depicted wearing a tattered cloak and wielding a weapon like a scythe, Scareglow possesses the unique ability to glow in the dark, making him particularly effective in low-light or nighttime environments where he can strike fear into his enemies.

Alongside this trait, he has other supernatural abilities, including phasing through solid objects and manipulating darkness. Scareglow’s exact origins vary depending on the adaptation, but he is usually portrayed as an undead minion of Skeletor, with some versions suggesting he was once a normal being who met a tragic fate and was resurrected by Skeletor to serve his evil purposes.

In the MOTU universe, Scareglow serves as a formidable opponent to He-Man and his allies, utilized by Skeletor as a powerful weapon in his quest to conquer Eternia. Despite not being as prominent in the original MOTU media compared to characters like Skeletor or He-Man, Scareglow has gained a dedicated fanbase over the years due to his distinctive design and unique abilities, solidifying his status as a memorable addition to the MOTU roster.

What features does the figure have?

This jumbo soft vinyl figure measures 15 inches tall. He has a slush-cast outer body and a fully sculpted, glow-in-the-dark skeleton inside. He is Articulated at the head and arms and comes with swappable glow-in-the-dark heads and poleaxes, as well as a posable fabric cape with a wired edge. As fun feature for those who like to keep their figures mint-in-box is that his box glows in the dark!

Hector Arce, the Senior Creative Director, summed up the need for the figure nicely when he said on the Scare Glow release, “I think I’m not alone here in saying that many of us MOTU fans growing up imagined what it would be like if Scareglow actually had the bones inside of the figure, and that has stuck with me to this day.”

He continued, “I’ve been wanting to realize this idea into a collectible for quite some time, and we’ve finally made it work. For the first time, MOTU fans can hold not only a giant re-creation of the iconic and sought-out Scareglow figure but one with sculpted, glow-in-the-dark bones that’s sure to make your inner child smile from ear to ear.” 

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If you didn’t know about these figures or were putting off buying them and are now ready to invest, you’ll be happy to know that a couple of different Masters of the Universe vinyl figures are available from Mondo. Products include:

  • Masters of the Universe: Skeletor 1/6 Scale Figure  (MSRP: $235)
  • Masters of the Universe: He-Man 1/6 Scale Figure  (MSRP: $235)
  • Masters of the Universe: He-Man 1000-Piece Puzzle (MSRP: $20)
  • MOTU: Revelation – Netflix Original Series Soundtrack 2XLP – Vol. 1 (MSRP: $50).

Further information will be available on Monday, March 4 at 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT / 5 PM PT on Mondo’s official YouTube channel. The figure debuts as a one-week timed edition available to pre-order from Tuesday, February 27 at NOON CT. The pre-order window closes on Tuesday, March 5 at NOON CT. So if you want to pick up a pre-order, make your way to as quickly as possible!

Will you be pre-ordering the soft-vinyl Masters of the Universe Scare Glow figure from Mondo? Or is the price tag a little steep for your tastes? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

SOURCE: Mondo Toys & Collectibles

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