DIGIMON Card Game Will Deliver Sync Releases Worldwide for All Language Versions

Digimon TCG to sync the English Version with all language releases. New Special Boosters will be released to help sync with the Japanese Version product Schedule.

The Digimon Card Game will evolve to distribute future English version releases in sync with the Japanese line-up. The news was announced last month by Bandai Card Game Fest held in Los Angeles this year. This will include a merge of packs similar to the Special Booster that started the English release, followed by all releases in complete sync. Fans will also be able to enjoy any releases from April 2025 as all language versions will finally match up. As Digimon Liberator takes off, fans will only have to worry about a few more delayed English releases until packs become distributed simultaneously. 

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Digimon fans are eagerly awaiting the next upcoming releases as Digimon Liberator links into the Digimon Card Game to the story. The series will feature a metaverse gaming experience for the Digimon Card Games, which will also include a range of new Digimon. This includes Pteromon and Shoemon who belong to two revealed characters, with their lines revealed before their Structure Decks debut. Unfortunately, the Japanese version will be released in April while English version users have to wait until September. 

Digimon Card Game too Finally Sync Up Pack and Releases Between Japanese and English Versions 

The great delays between the English and Japanese versions will finally end as Bandai Card Game Fest reveals the amended schedule. This includes starting with releasing two new special boosters that merge BT18, BT19, and BT20 boosters. This includes Special Version 2.0 to include BT18 and part of BT19, followed by Special Version 2.5 to include the rest of BT19 with BT20. This schedule also means that all releases will be in sync between all language versions from Spring 2025. 

The special boosters were part of the original beginning of the English version, allowing BT01 To BT03 to quickly become available as part of Ver 1.0 and 1.5. Recently events and developments have increased the presence of the card game in the US, allowing for synchronized releases to become possible. Digimon Liberator will feature in the Digimon TCG and will also allow the Web Comic and Web novel series to be enjoyed globally.  

The next booster for the English version will be BT16 in May, which includes the characters recently featured in the Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning movie. Whereas, the Japanese version will soon be releasing the BT17 booster at the end of March, followed by the ST18 and ST19 structure decks. This means there is currently a big gap in releases, as BT16 was released in December 2023 for the Japanese version line-up. More Digimon and characters are expected to feature from the Digimon Liberator series, adding to the excitement of the upcoming releases. 

The overall sync between releases has been long overdue, especially with the global access of Digimon Seekers. The new webcomic and web novel would have been the perfect time to have all releases simultaneously available, but it’s great that there is now an official plan in action. The momentum of the Digimon TCG has been gradually increasing, especially for fans in the US. With such a potent new release and new decks to follow, Digimon Liberator might just have the story to drive the Card game into the mainstream on par with the height of Yu-Gi-Oh. 

Digimon Liberator will start serialization on April 25, 2024, including both the Webcomic featuring Shoto and Pteromon. The Web Novel will also start, featuring Yuuki and Impmon, with characters potentially crossing over into both formats.  

The Digimon TCG English version will release BT16, Beginning Observer, on May 24, 2024. This will include a new Adventure Box for the release and will soon be followed by EX06 in June, BT17 in August, and the Digimon Liberator booster and Structure decks, Wind Guardian and Fable Waltz, in September.

Digimon Card Game Special Booster ver.2.0 will be released in November 2024 along with Special Booster ver.2.5, with both containing cards from BT18 to BT20. After these adjusted products are in the schedule, all language version releases are expected to be in sync from April 2025. 

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What do you think of the upcoming synced Digimon Card Game schedule? Are you excited about the new Special Boosters for the English version? Will you be diving into the new Digimon Liberator Web comic series this April? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more news.

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