QUEST’S END SANDKHEG’S HIDE: Matthew Lillard and Critical Role Collaborate for a New D&D-Inspired Whiskey

The Quest's End bourbon marks the first partnership between Lillard's Find Familiar Spirits and Critical Role.
Quests End bottle next to journal

Hot off the heels of the wildly successful Quest’s End: Rogue, fantasy aficionado, actor, celebrity gaming entrepreneur, and co-founder of Beadle & Grimm’s Matthew Lillard (Scream, Scooby-Doo, Five Nights at Freddy’s) and the team at Find Familiar Spirits are partnering with tabletop legends Critical Role on Quest’s End: Sandkheg’s Hide.

The limited-edition, super-premium whiskey will be available for a limited time and will go on sale next month.

Quest’s End Sandkheg’s Hide brings Exandria to life

First introduced in Critical Role’s Campaign One: Vox Machina, Sandkheg’s Hide was described as a “fierce” alcoholic beverage produced in the deserts of Marquet from the acidic bile of a sandkheg.

In Episode 65, a small sample left Percival (Taliesin Jaffe) and Keyleth (Marisha Ray) immediately intoxicated, while Scanlan (Sam Riegel) was numb from the nose down. Only Grog (Travis Willingham), the Goliath barbarian, could hold it down, but even he admitted to feeling it strongly. Quest’s End Sandkheg’s Hide may not work as quickly, but the team at Find Familiar Spirits brought the drink to life.

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Inspired by the episode’s description, the bourbon comes in a dark green glass bottle with a distressed label, wax seal, and exclusive coin medallion around its neck, tucked inside a burlap bag. The whiskey’s box also takes inspiration from Critical Role lore, resembling an in-world shipping crate and containing a “found” journal from the Exandrian maker of Sandkheg’s Hide that tells the story of its concoction, written by Jasmine Bhullar with original art by illustrator Tyler Walpole, and a map by fantasy cartographer Deven Rue.

Quest's End Whiskey
Courtesy of Prime Video

Quest’s End master blender Ale Ochoa used Critical Role’s in-world flavors to inspire her blend and barrel finishes of Sandkheg’s Hide. The base bourbon features notes of baked apple, brown spice, shortbread cookie, and oak. It’s mixed with whiskey finished in vermouth barrels for herbaceous notes and whiskey finished in sherry barrels, adding dried red fruit and a hint of smoke.

From the gorgeous ‘in-world’ Exandrian bottle design to the delicious whiskey blend to the incredible all-new Critical Role art and story in the journal, we’re insanely proud of what we’ve created with Sandkheg’s Hide. We think Critters are going to freaking love it.

Matthew Lillard, Find Familiar Spirits

The presale for Quest’s End Sandkheg’s Hide for newsletter subscribers runs from Tuesday, April 30, to Wednesday, May 1. Sales open to the general public on Thursday, May 2, and last until Thursday, May 23. The sale will run for three weeks only, making it the perfect Critter collectible. It is only available online through Quest’s End’s official website.

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Quest's End Sandkheg

What do you think about Quest’s End Sandkheg’s Hide? Will you be getting a bottle? What other tabletop communities do you want to Find Familiar Spirits to collaborate with next? Let us know your thoughts on social media, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more content like this.

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