DIGIMON LIBERATOR: Chapter 1 of Webcomic & Novel Now Live

Digimon Liberator is now live as Chapter 1 has been unleashed. Check out the new web comic and novel series that has officially begun.
Digimon Liberator

Digimon Liberator has unleashed the beginning of the story as Chapter 1 goes live. The highly anticipated Webcomic has finally started the story of Shoto as he enters the virtual world designed for the card game. The first release reveals many features including the new Digital World, a new device for the Tamers, and even the first encounter with Pteromon.

Here is how you can start reading the new Digimon series featuring a fantastic new story. Digimon Liberator features the new Digimon project, revealed to be a Webcomic teased during 2023. Whereas the last release featured the Vital Bracelet BE, the latest story will bring a new level to the popular Digimon Card Game.

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Unlike Digimon Seekers, the main story will feature fantastic, full-length visuals in the comic format, with another Web Novel for Liberator to star a different set of protagonists and characters. Chapter 0 teased the beginning of the story with Zenith and Owen Dreadnaught in a card battle, but now the next challenge begins.  

Digital Gate Open! Digimon Liberator Unleashed 

Digimon Liberator has begun serialization as Chapter 1 has been released for fans to start the story. This continues off the teased release revealed during Digimon Con 2024, which features characters before entering the game. This includes Shoto spectating the Digimon Card Game championships, who has now entered the new virtual world. Fans can now dive into the story and discover the brand-new series they have been waiting for, including how Shoto meets Pteromon. 

To celebrate the release of the webcomic series, The Official Digimon Card Game Channel also hosted a special live stream. This included brand new visuals for both releases, the full new theme song, and new reveals for the web novel series, starring Yuuki and Impmon. A preview of the Structure decks was shown as the ‘Whirlwind Guardian’ and ‘Fable Waltz’ decks were tested against each other. Special D-Storage cases were also revealed as releases for fans, which are used by the Tamers in the game like Digivices in the series.

The live stream also revealed the Japanese version cards for the structure decks and the upcoming extra booster, EX-07, which features the new characters from the Liberator series. It was also revealed that Yuuki and Impmon will also get cards for the upcoming booster, with unexpected Digivolution previews. Although the English version has been scheduled for September, fans can see art and gameplay previews of the upcoming cards thanks to this event.

The Digimon card game has evolved. After a year-long closed beta test, “Digimon Liberator,” a futuristic and fully immersive game that allows players to enjoy card battles in the metaverse space of Lacuna, 
has finally been officially launched. 

Shoto Kazama, a boy who has never been able to win a card battle because of his habit of giving up on things easily, enters the world of Liberator through the invitation of his childhood friend, Arisa Kinosaki. 

Encounters with wild Digimon. Battles with NPCs who have gone rogue. These various happenings set the wheels of fate in motion. –This is a story about “Digimon” and the “world.”

Digimon Liberator Synopsis

The wait has been agonizing for Digimon fans, especially as the 25th anniversary of the anime has yet to bring a new series to the screen. Thankfully, this long-awaited webcomic will finally bring satisfying Digimon action in a format more fitting for its high visual impact. The new Digimon evolutions revealed for Yuuki’s Impmon were a complete surprise as they not only excluded Beelstarmon but looked fantastically similar to the Growlmon to Megidramon line.

It’s wonderful to see the Digimon Card Game given an engaging new integration, which will likely make even more fans dive into the upcoming releases. The new characters were fantastic reveals from the pre-release event but the comic and novel will both be thrilling to finally read. It would be wonderful if fans could experience this world as a video game one day, but each chapter is going to be a joy to see unfold.

Digimon Liberator Chapter 1 is now available and starts the story for the new webcomic series. The release includes a Japanese and English version, which can be started on the official website.

The Digimon Liberator Web Novel is also available to start now, featuring Yuuki and Impmon, Winr and Fanbeemon, and even more exclusive characters. Check out both releases on the newly awakened website.

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What do you think of Digimon Liberator? Did you start reading Chapter 1 of the new webcomic series? Did you join the celebration by watching the livestream on YouTube? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon.

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