DIGIMON LIBERATOR: Top 5 Reasons you Should Read This April

Digimon Liberator Starts This Thursday as the Webcomic series officially begins, With so many features teased, here are the reasons you should be diving in.

Digimon Liberator is nearly live and there are many features we can’t wait to see in the upcoming Web Comic. The new Digimon project will start in just under 2 days as the story begins this week. From the new Digimon to the amazing new story, there are many reasons why you should be enjoying this new release coming at the end of the month. To celebrate the impending release, we have compiled the top 5 reasons why you should dive into Digimon Liberator when unleashed. 

Digimon Liberator is the upcoming Digimon project that will feature a whole new series in the form of a Web comic. The upcoming web comic follows on from the success of the web novel series, Digimon Seekers. Characters and features from the web novel were also added as part of the Digimon TCG but now the story will finally integrate the Card Game. With the releases in both Japanese and English, fans will also be able to enjoy a new web novel with the comic that focuses on exclusive characters, with teased crossover events. 

Top 5 Reasons You Should Dive into Digimon Liberator This April 

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The new webcomic series will finally begin serialization next week as Digimon Liberator releases the first chapter of the story. Fans were already treated to a preview of Chapter 0, which was added to the official website after the preview at Digimon Con 2024. The story will primarily feature mascot, Pteromon, and his partner Shoto Kazama. However, the comic also features Shoemon and Arisa, along with other teased characters. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be starting Digimon Liberator next week. 

Web Comic will Captivate the Global Audience with Incredible Visuals 

Digimon Liberator will feature as online web comic that will bring the story with stunning visuals. The story will be told in the format that will allow fans to dive into the story, even better than the web novel. Chapter 0 is already live and shows fans the dramatic difference in the format, with a perfect teaser into the story. Already, the art has been highly impactful, features amazing effects, and can also be enjoyed on mobile devices thanks to the layout of the release. 

High Hype Story in a Stunning Online Comic 

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After many years since Digimon Tamers, fans finally see the return of card game integration in a series. Digimon Liberator will take the Digimon TCG into the next level as Tamers enter a virtual world video game. Fans are introduced to top players Owen Dreadnaught and newcomer and recent Digimon TCG Champion, Zenith. Only Shoto has featured as a witness to the broadcast battle but soon the characters will enter the next challenge as they look to the release of the video game battleground.  

Brand New Digimon and Big Card Game Releases 

Pteromon and Shoemon are brand new Digimon that are a part of the new story, including full new evolution lines. However, their evolutions have already been revealed thanks to the upcoming release of the japanese version of the structure decks. This includes the ultimate and Mega forms for the Digimon, with the final evolutions consisting of Zephagamon and Cendrillmon. In addition to this, there are also some teased characters and their Digimon partners, including a mysterious Digimon for Owen. 

More Tamers Coming and even Supporting Digimon 

There is also a huge line up of other Tamers yet to be revealed and even Digimon as partners that featured in the Digimon Vital Bracelet series. The first chapter and card reveal also suggest the inclusion of other Digimon that may be part of the decks and boosters. Like the cover for Chapter 0 suggests, this could hint that other Digimon could join the battle a lot like seen for Digimon Xros Wars (Digimon Fusion). This may be due to the way the card game works; however, fans will have to wait for the story to begin before the confirmation of these Digimon features. 

Twin Release With Web Novel Exclusives 

The Web comic was also revealed to be getting a twin as a web novel will release alongside the visually stunning format. This includes a whole new perspective of the story and will exclusively feature a new Digimon and Tamer. Yuuki and Impmon were revealed to be the main protagonists of the web novel, which was revealed during the Digimon Con 2024. It was also revealed that both the stories could crossover, providing moments for different characters in both releases to interact. 

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Digimon Liberator will start serialisation on Thursday, April 25, 2024, featuring Shoto as Chapter 1 begins. The webcomic will be available in Japanese and English and will be available on the Digimon Card Website

Digimon Liberator

The Structure Decks and TCG Booster for the upcoming release will be released in Japan on April 26. The English version of the new releases will be released in September 2024. 

What do you think of the upcoming webcomic? Are you excited to start reading Digimon Liberator? Which feature of the story are you most excited about seeing? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon. 

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