Callon J. Taylor

Transformers Hasbro

TRANSFORMERS 40th Anniversary HASLAB Revealed: Roll Out with The Incredible Robots in Disguise

ROLL OUT! Hasbro has announced their newest addition to the Transformers: Legacy toy line with their new crowd-funded Transformers figure(s) OPTIMUS PRIME, ULTRA MAGNUS, and AUTOBOT BLUEBOLTS! Fans of the 2001 anime Transformers: Robots in Disguise have waited 23 years for new figures based on these two iconic Transformers characters and, finally, they have the…

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FANHOME Celebrates Pop Culture’s Thrilling Iconic Characters this Holiday Season, and here’s what your missing!

Fanhome Celebrates Pop Culture’s Most Iconic Characters and Franchises this Holiday Season with Highly Desirable Scale Model Collections and Incredibly Detailed Build-Up Replicas! This year, Fanhome promises to give that special fan or loved one a memorable gift that will continue to deliver hours of enjoyment throughout the coming year and beyond. Collectors across the…

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