MEET ME IN ROME Releases a Delightfully Romantic New Trailer

Meet me in Rome Poster

First, we saw Paris, and now we are heading to Rome in this refreshing take on reality romance meets Hollywood. Meet Me in Rome is a new show that merges reality TV with rom-coms. The Roku Channel released the new trailer for the refreshing new comedy.

HAZBIN HOTEL Review – A Beautiful Blend of Animation & Music

Poster for new series, Hazbin Hotel.

Hazbin Hotel is shaping up to be the hottest musical of 2024, with some of the biggest Broadway names. Coming to Prime Video this Friday, the Hazbin Hotel animated series finally makes its official debut. When the original animated pilot was uploaded to the internet in 2019 as an indie project, the story, created by […]

CUTE FARMER LIFE Review (PC) – Perfect Dose of Relaxation


Come escape the humdrum of reality with the Cute Farmer Life. For a small indie game, this was the perfect dose of relaxation. It didn’t matter if it was the end of the day, palate cleanser between bigger games, or a mid-day refresher allowing the mind to rest.

HAUNTED HOUSE Review [PC] – Great Game Haunted by Bugs

Haunted House video game

There is something so great about seeing older games refurbished into more modernized concepts. This is why Haunted House looked so appealing. Based on the Atari game from 1982 this new version had major appeal with fun, cartoonish graphics, new characters, and a variety of challenges to keep you entertained. The issue is all that […]