Marvel’s Midnight Suns – PS5 Review: One Hell Of A Good Time

Marvel’s Midnight Suns find success by balancing the creative insanity and darker twist of Firaxis while donning a fresh coat of Marvel paint that weaves a sense of balance in crafting a familiar yet nostalgic template. Midnight Suns can be perfectly summed up from its experience and replayability, which is the RPG gameplay and the […]

X-Men Fan Vote Takes Marvel Comics Icons To The Polls!

X-Men The Mutants

The third annual X-Men Fan Vote is here and it’s time to find out which mutants will be participating. Fans are able to vote for their favorite candidate to join the X-Men team. The first year, we were able to see Polaris win the popular X-Men fan vote followed by Firestar the following year. This […]

EA and Marvel Agree To 3-Game Deal To Make Video Games Starting With Iron Man

Electronic Arts

Fans who have been craving new AAA video games based on the Marvel Universe are in luck. On Monday (Oct. 31), gaming publisher Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) announced a collaboration with Marvel Entertainment. The new long-term pact will see EA develop and release three new action-adventure Marvel games that will be released later on for consoles and PC.

Midnight Suns: Wolverine Makes His Violent Debut in New Trailer

Midnight Suns - Wolverine screenshot 2

The upcoming Marvel Universe-themed tactical role-playing game, Midnight Suns, is on the horizon, and 2K Games dropped the latest gameplay trailer for the title this week. The new gameplay trailer showcases the best there is at what he does, the iconic mutant and X-Man known as Wolverine.