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Marvel Comics published a wide variety of stories on Jan. 24, 2024. Although every comic book holds value, 4 of the new issues are especially captivating.

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Honorable mentions go out to Punisher #3 and Miguel O’Hara: Spider-Man 2099 #4. Miguel is starring in a spooky miniseries where he faces off against futuristic versions of classic Marvel monsters like Werewolf By Night and Man-Thing. Joe Garrison is the main character in the new Punisher series, instead of Frank Castle. Garrison is a former black-ops SHIELD Agent trying to solve the mystery of his family’s murder. Both stories are worth checking out even though they didn’t make the cut for this week’s top 4 ranking.

Marvel Comics Presents: Spider-Woman #3

Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, Gang War
Credit: Marvel Comics

GANG WAR RAGES ON! Spider-Woman tried to take down Diamondback’s operation from the top…and barely escaped with her life. Now she’s angrier than ever and ready to hit him—and Hydra—where it hurts. Jessica Drew goes street level as GANG WAR nears its brutal conclusion!

After Tombstone (a Spider-Man villain and boss in the criminal underworld of NYC) was shot, a power vacuum was created. Several criminal enterprises made their move on what they considered newly free territory. This clash of illegal expansion set the stage for the Gang War comic book event. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) is starring in a new ongoing series that begins with a tie-in to Gang War.

Spider-Woman is fighting Diamondback and the forces of Hydra alike, but she has a more personal stake in this conflict too. Jessica Drew is a mother, and her son has mysteriously dissapeared. Only her enemies know the location of her child, and they are not going to give that information up easily. This Spider-Woman series is written by Steve Foxe, illustrated by Carola Borelli and colored by Arif Prianto. The creative team has put together a comic book that pulls you in with fluid paneling, a compelling conflict, and gorgeous artwork.

Immortal Thor #6

Thor, Loki, The Immortal Thor
Credit: Marvel Comics

A LEGEND FROM THE PAST! The All-Father sought answers to his new troubles in memories of old. And to refresh those memories, he consulted his Skald…to tell a tale of when Young Thor and Young Loki journeyed out beyond Asgard—on a quest that would determine the fate of all the Realms. This is the story of the IMMORTAL THOR…and of his first Journey Into Mystery.

The Immortal Thor is a new series from acclaimed writer Al Ewing. Al Ewing wrote one of the best Hulk runs of all time, The Immortal Hulk. That series took the Hulk mythos to new heights with an incredibly thoughtful and thorough exploration of the many, many sides of Bruce Banner. The Immortal Hulk ran for 50 issues, not counting one-shots and other associated books. While The Immortal Thor is only on issue #6 at the time of writing, the comic is already displaying the potential to match or surpass Ewing’s work on Bruce Banner.

Odin has moved on to Valhalla. Thor has the power of the All-Father now, and he is the king of Asgard. Loki has new chaotic elements introduced, such as his mysterious “Teller of Tales” personality. Ewing’s Thor is upbeat, in command of his kingdom and the sky itself. In an epic fight against an ancient thunder god, Thor shared his power with Storm, Beta Ray Bill, Jane Foster, and Loki. The next issue of this fun-filled, magical series will focus on the shared past of Loki and Thor, expanding the intricate bond between the godly brothers.

Superior Spider-Man #3

Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
Credit: Marvel Comics

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Only ONE man can save the day! Well, one man and his army of expendable Spider-Minions! The Spider-Base will be reactivated! Refuel the Arachno-Mechs! Load your web-cannons! The moment you’ve been training for has arrived! Suit up, dolts! We’re going to WAR!

Doctor Otto Octavius, AKA Doctor Octopus or “Doc Ock” is one of Spider-Man’s most iconic foes. He is a scientist supervillain obsessed with harnessing the power of the sun…and defeating the ole’ Webhead of course. Doc Ock got close to Peter Parker in the infamous Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1, closer than anyone could have imagined. Octavius literally transferred his mind into Peter’s body, stealing his life and beginning a new mission. Octavius decided to become the “Superior Spider-Man”, a hero who could surpass Peter Parker as both a crime-fighter and a scientific mind.

Octavius donned a new outfit and fought as Spidey for a surprisingly long time, but eventually, Peter and Doc Ock returned to their appropriate bodies. In writer Dan Slott and artist Mark Bagley’s new Superior Spider-Man series, Doc Ock is still Doc Ock and Peter is still Spidey. But the Doctor’s time as Spider-Man is coming back to haunt Peter in the present day. Could the mad scientist be preparing to steal Spider-Man’s body once again, or will the hero and villain solve their problems more traditionally?

G.O.D.S. #4

Dr. Strange, Doctor Strange, G.O.D.S., GODS,
Credit: Marvel Comics

That guy in the beekeeper suit is holding a thing that’s freaking everyone out. A Skinner box is bigger on the inside than the outside. The Avatar makes an enemy on the Axis of Power. If you save the universe and no one remembers, is it worth it? Maybe.

G.O.D.S. is a fascinating addition to the Marvel Comics universe that should be in every fans pull list. Jonathan Hickman is the writer, and Valerio Schiti is the penciler and inker, with coloring by Marte Gracia and lettering by VC Travis Lanham. G.O.D.S. is an expansion of the magical forces in the Marvel multiverse. The series introduces two new forces, specifically The-Powers-That-Be and The-Natural-Order-Of-Things.

These two incredibly powerful forces are a constant throughout the universe, and they stand directly opposed to one another. Hickman’s story follows Wyn, the avatar of The-Powers-That-Be. His ex-wife Aiko Mako was chosen as the 97th Centivar of The-Powers-That-Be. Wyn, Aiko, Dr. Strange and other forces who oversee universe-threatening issues are going to fight the embodiment of Oblivion in G.O.D.S. #4.

Spider-Woman is getting a bigger focus following her cinematic debut in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, while Superior Spider-Man hearkens back to a fan-favorite time in the comics. G.O.D.S. expands the lore of the Marvel cosmos with substance and plenty of style, while The Immortal Thor steps into the history of the God of Thunder.

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Writers like Al Ewing and Jonathan Hickman are some of Marvel’s best talent, and Steve Foxe and Dan Slott are doing admirable work building out the Spider-Man universe. Don’t miss out on these amazing new comic books, available digitally or at your local comic book store.

Which new Marvel Comic books are you reading this week? Let us know your thoughts on social media, and thanks for reading! We are always watching.

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