GHOST RIDER – Marvel Reveals Shocking Identity Of New Spirit Of Vengeance

Marvel Comics recently announced that [SPOILER] will become the new Ghost Rider in the upcoming "Final Vengeance" storyline.
Ghost Rider, The Hood, Parker Robbins, Zarathos

Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #2 will feature an unexpected character taking on the mantle. Marvel recently revealed that the new Ghost Rider will be supervillain Parker Robbins, AKA The Hood.

The Spirit of Vengeance is a demonic entity that bonds itself to a human host, granting them a variety of powers at a cost. Johnny Blaze is the original and most popular individual to become Ghost Rider, host to the Spirit of Vengeance. In many stories, the Spirit’s overwhelming desire to remove the wicked from the earth interferes with Johnny’s life. Being the Ghost Rider means sacrificing yourself to a chaotic, violent life full of demons and nightmares.

GHOST RIDER: FINAL VENGEANCE Changes The Hellish Landscape Of The Franchise

Ghost Rider, The Hood, Parker Robbins, Zarathos
Credit: Marvel Comics

Johnny Blaze was always a bit too pure to comfortably work as the Ghost Rider. He believes in second chances and doesn’t necessarily want to operate as judge, jury and executioner. Zarathos (the name of this Spirit of Vengeance) has spent a long time with Johnny, fighting him for control of the mission. But recently, the demonic entity was revealed to be searching for a new, darker host. A recent announcement from Marvel Comics revealed the next Ghost Rider to be Parker Robbins/The Hood, a villain with a checkered past and a magic cloak.

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The Hood’s father worked for Kingpin before his death, a career choice which set Robbins up for a life of crime. Parker Robbins has tried to emulate the leadership qualities and brutal efficiency of Kingpin multiple times. He has never come close to replicating Kingpin’s prowess as a criminal, but maybe Ghost Rider will change that. The Hood has worked alongside Norman Osborn, he has led a dark version of The Illuminati, and he even wielded the Infinity Stones once. But he has never been possessed by a Spirit of Vengeance before…


Ghost Rider, The Hood, Parker Robbins, Zarathos
Credit: Marvel Comics

The Hood may have a few redeeming qualities buried deep in his greedy, selfish soul somewhere, but they rarely surface. Parker Robbins is a bad man whose number one priority is improving his own situation. He doesn’t care about punishing evil or protecting innocence, he just wants power, wealth and recognition. It will be exciting, and possibly terrifying, to see what someone so seedy does when granted the power of Ghost Rider.

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The Hood may not be spirit of vengeance forever, but his time in the role is sure to be unique and explosive. After all, there have been many Ghost Riders throughout the years, and Johnny always seems to take center stage again after a while. From Alejandra Jones to Danny Ketch to Robbie Reyes, there have been several “new” Riders, and Robbins is now a part of that fiery legacy. What sets him apart is the fact that he probably intends to perform zero acts of heroism with his new abilities.

Writer Benjamin Percy is tackling Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance. The Hood’s evolution into Ghost Rider will take place in the second issue. Final Vengeance begins publication on March 13, 2024, with the second issue arriving on April 18, 2024. Anthony Ramos will play The Hood in the upcoming MCU TV series Ironheart, although that version is not expected to become ole Flame-Head.

About Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance

Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider, Zarathos
Credit: Marvel Comics

Written by: Benjamin Percy

Illustrated by: Danny Kim

Release Date: March 13, 2024 (Issue #1), April 18, 2024 (Issue #2)

Synopsis: “An evolution of Benjamin Percy’s acclaimed GHOST RIDER run, this new series will see an iconic super villain unleash hellfire as the new Ghost Rider—the criminal mastermind known as the Hood! Armed with a demonic cloak and dark mystical abilities, Parker Robbins’ undying lust for more power and fortune has made one of the Marvel Universe’s dangerous threats. Now with the Spirit of Vengeance claiming what’s left of his soul, there’s no stopping his bloody takeover of the criminal underworld. By the time Johnny Blaze is able to claw his way back from the abyss to reclaim the Spirit of Vengeance, it’ll be far too late!”

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