MARVEL – 5 New Issues You Should Be Reading This Week

Which Marvel Comic books should you purchase this week? Find out more about a few of your marvelous options right here!
Daredevil, Captain America

Marvel Comics published several thrilling new comic books this week, and five of those issues really stood out. Every Wednesday, Marvel Comics and most other major comic book publishers release their new books. DC usually releases new issues on Tuesday.

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This week, Marvel has a lot to choose from. Books like Alien #3, Guardians of the Galaxy #10, and Black Panther #8 won’t be explained in this list, but they are fantastic new offerings regardless. Here are the five Marvel comic books published on Jan. 10, 2024 that you should start reading.


Avengers Twilight, Avengers: Twilight, Captain America, Steve Rogers
Credit: Marvel Comics

Avengers: Twilight #1 will explore a dark new future timeline of the Marvel universe. Captain America is no longer a famed hero, though Steve Rogers lives on. His version of America is corrupt, its values of freedom perverted by unknown forces. The Avengers still operate somewhere, but they are estranged from Rogers. His friends, the original team, have been dead for a long time.

What is Steve Rogers’ place in this horrible, dystopian timeline? What purpose does a symbol of freedom serve in a country that no longer values the concept? Find out in Avengers: Twilight, written by Chip Zdarsky and Ralph Macchio.

In a gleaming new world of prosperity, Captain America is no more. But Steve Rogers still exists, floating through an America where freedom is an illusion, where THE AVENGERS are strangers and his friends are long dead. But is the Dream? How do you assemble Avengers in a world that doesn’t want them?


Cable, Marvel, X-Men
Credit: Marvel Comics

Cable was one of the most exciting characters in the live-action X-Men film franchise. Josh Brolin brought the character to life perfectly in Deadpool 2, where he fought the Merc with a Mouth before teaming up together. Cable has a complicated backstory, and this new first issue comes at a complex time in mutant history. The exciting challenge that Cable #1 faces is finding a way to tell a story that services Cable’s place in the larger X-Men universe while still remaining accessible to new readers.

In this story, Cable will fight against The Neocracy (a new enemy) and Orchis (a group that has been causing mutant-kind all sorts of trouble recently). Scot Eaton and Fabian Nicieza’s new Cable series could be great for fans who want more Nathan Summers. This issue is part of the Fall of the House of X storyline, and that connection could be a blessing or a curse.

THE FUTURE MUST NOT COME TO PASS! All the signs are here: The Neocracy is coming—and with it comes not only the end of mutantkind, but all of the humankind as well! As if rescuing Young Nate from the ongoing threat of Orchis weren’t enough, can Cable root out this growing threat and decimate it before the Neocracy has a chance to take hold. But is he already too late to change the future?


Daredevil, She-Hulk, Matt Murdock
Credit: Marvel Comics

Daredevil is usually a vigilante at night and a lawyer by day. But in the new Daredevil comic book, Matt Murdock is no longer working as legal counsel. Matt is currently working as a priest, helping run a home for troubled youth. He gave his life in a recent storyline and was presumed dead. He was mysteriously brought back to life, but some of his memories were missing.

Matt has been recollecting his personal history in recent issues. Murdock has been fighting both metaphorical demons (primarily his bloodlust) and literal demons that possessed people close to him. In the upcoming 5th issue of writer Saladin Ahmed and penciler Aaron Kuder’s Daredevil run, The Man Without Fear will face off against a brand-new foe, and possibly She-Hulk?!?

DAREDEVIL’S SECOND ARC BEGINS WITH A BRUTAL BOUT! In the senses-shattering second arc of DAREDEVIL, creators Saladin Ahmed and Germán Peralta continue the explosive debut of this new series featuring an all-new villain for Daredevil to face down!


Jackpot, Mary Jane Watson, Marvel, Gang War
Credit: Marvel Comics

Mary Jane Watson is one of the most beloved women in the Marvel universe. Her love story with Peter Parker has captured the hearts of countless fans. But who is Mary Jane without Spider-Man? Is she a model? A business executive? An actor? Well right now, she’s actually a superhero called “Jackpot” who has randomized powers.

She wears a bracelet that gives her one of seemingly infinite powers for a limited time. Her solo superhero issue is a tie-in to the Gang War comic book event. Spider-Man and other street-level Marvel heroes are standing against organized crime in New York. The supervillain/mob boss known as Tombstone was shot, creating a vacuum of power in the underworld. It’s up to heroes like Jackpot to stop the resulting war from claiming innocent lives.

ALWAYS BET ON RED! A GANG WAR TIE-IN! Mary Jane Watson, A.K.A. JACKPOT, gets her first solo super story since her debut in ASM #31! New York City is in chaos as the super-powered criminal gangs are at war, and it’s all hands on deck! It’s a baptism by fire, but, come on, this is Mary Jane. What CAN’T she handle?!


Yelena Belova, Black Widow, White Widow
Credit: Marvel Comics

Yelena Belova is the younger sister of Natasha Romanov, AKA Black Widow. She has operated as a covert assassin and has worked under the “Black Widow” name in the past. Today, she goes by “White Widow”, and she is trying to tone down the violence in her life. That was before the insidious Armament corporation sent assassins to her door.

Armament has been causing trouble in Yelena’s new home of Idylhaven, pushing people out of their homes and businesses. White Widow is going on the offensive and taking the fight to her enemy, but is she up to the challenge? Find out in White Widow #3, written by Sarah Gailey and penciled by Alessandro Miracolo.

When a shady corporation called Armament threatens Yelena Belova and her neighbors with eviction under suspicious circumstances, she decides to take the problem into her own hands. After all, there’s rarely a problem a little murder can’t solve! But Armament is not quite what it seems – and a single mistake could cost Yelena everything.

White Widow, Daredevil, Mary Jane Watson, Captain America, and Cable each represent a unique corner of the Marvel universe. Their ultimately good nature unites them, even if their approach towards lethal violence divides them too.

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There is a lot of conflict happening in the comics right now, from street wars to dark futures to assassins unleashed. Pick up one (or all) of these amazing new Marvel Comics at your local comic book store today, or read them digitally.

Which new Marvel comic book are you most excited about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media, and thanks for reading! We are always watching.

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