Natalie Portman Reveals The Unexpected MCU Character She Wants to Team Up With Next

Thor Love and Thunder Natalie Portman Mighty Thor

When Natalie Portman began her journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2011’s Thor, few non-comic fans would have ever guessed she’d one day wield The God of Thuunder’s mighty hammer herself. However, 12 years later, that exact thing is set to happen in Thor: Love and Thunder out this July, and it looks awesome.  While […]

Could Power Rangers Dino Fury Feature a Crossover?

In the last season of Power Rangers fans were treated with plenty of crossovers and callbacks to previous seasons with the Dino team-up and the season’s connection to Power Rangers RPM. This has had fans wondering if the upcoming season, Power Rangers Dino Fury could have similar crossovers and callbacks to previous seasons of the […]