Could Power Rangers Dino Fury Feature a Crossover?

In the last season of Power Rangers fans were treated with plenty of crossovers and callbacks to previous seasons with the Dino team-up and the season’s connection to Power Rangers RPM.

This has had fans wondering if the upcoming season, Power Rangers Dino Fury could have similar crossovers and callbacks to previous seasons of the show.


This is what current showrunner Simon Bennett had to say on the matter:

“In the past, Power Rangers has had some traditions that fans still clamor for. For example, there were always team-ups in previous seasons. In Ninja Steel, there was a massive team-up with “Dimensions in Danger”, and in Beast Morphers, there was that epic “Grid Connection” episode with all the Dinos teams. Are those on the table still, or other things that fans can look forward to possibly bringing back in future iterations of Power Rangers?

Obviously, I can’t talk in any detail about Dino Fury. But those kinds of team-ups have always been part of the show, as you say, in the past. I think that COVID makes things more complicated because we film in New Zealand, and the borders are closed, and you have to get the government’s exemption to come into the country. So that is a challenge, particularly if we were to bring an actor in to film for two or three days. They would have to be in quarantine for two weeks after they arrived if we could get them into the country. So, there are challenges on the way there. But I do think an awareness of the previous versions of the show and the previous range of teams is something, going forward, that is likely to be part of the show on an ongoing basis. I think that one of the interesting things about Beast Morphers was that it brought all the various prior teams and dimensions together by having Grid Battle Force, where people studied Power Ranger history, and they knew about the various teams, they knew about all the various villains from the past. That meant that in future seasons, the previous teams are real in the world, as opposed to, “Let’s pretend they didn’t exist and we’re starting from scratch.”

Power Rangers Dino Fury Will Feature Callbacks to Other Seasons But Most Likely No Crossovers

Power Rangers Dino Rangers

So it seems safe to say that while it will be pretty difficult to bring past rangers back due to COVID, however, that doesn’t mean that Dino Fury won’t mention some of the past seasons.

Obviously, with this season being a dinosaur-themed season there will more than likely be plenty of opportunities to make callbacks to previous Dino seasons.

There is always the possibility that Power Rangers Dino Fury could bring back some of the former Power Rangers actors that live in New Zealand however this is probably still a longshot.

What are your thoughts on Dino Fury’s potential inclusion of callbacks from previous seasons? Do you wish they could have brought back some of the original actors for this season? Let us know in the comments below and sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content like this in the future!



Bryce West

Bryce West

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