Ric Flair To Induct The Great Muta Into WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE Great Muta WWE Hall of Fame

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair is set to induct The Great Muta aka Keiji Muto into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. Saying Muta is a legendary Japanese wrestler is like saying the sun is bright or fire is warm.  It is a huge understatement for what an important wrestler he is.

Arn Anderson Talks About Why Ron Simmons Was a Special Talent

WWE Ron Simmons Faarooq

Arn Anderson recently explained why he thinks fellow WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons is an athlete which only comes around every 20 years during a recent edition of his podcast, The Arn Show. Anderson heaped some exceptional praise on Simmons, a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, who also wrestled in WWE as Farooq as […]

Sandman Surprisingly Almost Joined Big WCW Stable

WWE Sandman

ECW and hardcore icon, Sandman, almost joined the WCW stable before getting fired. The Sandman is a mainstay of ECW.  It is hard to think of ECW without Sandman but was never one of the faces of ECW.  However, his name always comes up in the conversation about the Mount Rushmore of ECW.  If only […]