Cas Anvar Teases ‘Catastrophic’ Season 4: The Expanse Interview

The Expanse star Cas Anvar shares a few hints as to what fans can expect in Season 4, how far Alex has come, and why Amazon is the perfect fit for the series.

Cas Anvar will be back on your screen as Alex Kamal in no time. After finding new life on Amazon, the fourth season of cult hit The Expanse is just days away. The crew of the Rocinante will be embarking on a new mission in New Terra when the streaming service commences its global launch on December 13th.

There have been plenty of whispers regarding what will befall fan favorites in the new season, so The Illuminerdi had a chat with star Cas Anvar to see what we could uncover about his beloved spaceship pilot.

The Expanse has already been renewed for Season 5, which is incredible after having been in such a precarious position the first few years. What’s it like partnering with a company like Amazon that really has faith in the story?

Cas Anvar: Yeah, we’re actually shooting it now. We’re halfway through. It’s incredibly rewarding to be on a network that is not only willing to pick you up before the season airs, but literally the fans are aware of two more seasons that they’re going to get. Which, in this day of streaming – where every time you get emotionally invested in a show, it gets canceled – that has to have some sort of positive effect for the fandom. They know that they’re going to have at least five seasons to enjoy.

Where do we find Alex specifically at the start of the season?

cas anvar and the rocinante crew

Cas Anvar: Well, we’ve been through the wringer. We’ve been through a gauntlet in the first three seasons; we’ve had to deal with Eros and losing an entire population of people in the city. We’ve had to deal with a war; we’ve had to deal with betrayal. We’ve had to deal with all sorts of massive things that have happened to us on both the emotional and logistical sides. I mean, the Ring gates opened.

And Alex is, out of all the people in the show, is probably the most everyman type. He’s the most normal guy. He’s not used to all this stuff going on; to the laws of physics not working and conspiracies and treachery and betrayal; planets being destroyed and all that stuff. So, it was very difficult for him to process and handle. Then coming through the Ring gates and everything? It’s changed him, and it’s changes the whole team. By the time we start Season 4, Alex has really settled into his role as the fighter pilot of the solar system – the best pilot around. He’s really taking it seriously, and he really takes his role as a protector very seriously.

It causes him a lot of worry sometimes when all the chips are down and everyone’s counting on him to deliver, because no one else pilots the ship. It’s just him. There’s a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, and he’s grown into that now.

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