Power Rangers Has A New Executive Producer

Power Rangers is in the process of transferring power from Chip Lynn over to Simon Bennett, who has previously directed several episodes of the series.
Simon Bennett

Big changes are coming for the Power Rangers franchise. Over the weekend, we brought you the news that Ryusoulger would be the next adaptation for its Japanese counterpart, Super Sentai. It looks like that isn’t the only change to happen. First broken by The Power Scoop via No Pink Spandex, Simon Bennett will be taking over as the Executive Producer from long-time showrunner, Chip Lynn.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bennett’s work, he’s directed episodes of Power Rangers: Ninja Steel and Power Rangers: Beast Morphers. He has also previously produced the popular New Zealand show Shoreland Street. So fear not, Ranger Nation, he has the experience. The change in power happened some time in October, according to Stuff.


What’s Chip Lynn’s Future With Power Rangers?

Chip Lynn and Power Rangers

The big question is what does the future hold for Chip Lynn? Lynn was the Executive Producer for Power Rangers: Dino Charge and Ninja Steel, and he also wrote the majority of the episodes in both series. Chip was a very hands-on showrunner, having plenty of involvement with the casting process, as well as the directing, writing, and overall direction of the show. It should be noted that for Beast Morphers, Lynn has taken a step back from the writing duties on the show. We’re not saying that is an indicator of anything, though. Just an observation.

Back in 2010, when Saban took the franchise back over from Disney, Lynn was asked to come on board primarily as a writer. Lynn declined, wanting more involvement in the series. While it’s possible that Lynn’s involvement could have decreased we don’t think that’s the case. A source told us that Lynn will stay on with the brand, but we’re gathering more information on that as we speak.

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