Could Power Rangers Dino Fury Feature a Crossover?

In the last season of Power Rangers fans were treated with plenty of crossovers and callbacks to previous seasons with the Dino team-up and the season’s connection to Power Rangers RPM. This has had fans wondering if the upcoming season, Power Rangers Dino Fury could have similar crossovers and callbacks to previous seasons of the […]

Simon Bennett Discusses The Process Of Making Power Rangers Dino Fury A Reality

Showrunner Simon Bennett

With everything going on in the world because of COVID-19, making new entertainment is quite a challenge. The current showrunner of Power Rangers, Simon Bennett talks about the journey to getting the new season of Power Rangers, Dino Fury into production and on our TV screens. With the current season, Beast Morphers making a fantastic […]

Power Rangers Showrunner Simon Bennett Reveals His Favorite Season

Whenever you get together with friends and you discuss Power Rangers, the question of what is your favorite season must come up? Fans far and wide have their favorites for various reasons such as Mighty Morphin for being the original, In Space for changing the game and saving the series, or Time Force for showing […]