Minions 2: The Rise Of Gru Official Trailer Arrives

Minions 2: The Rise Of Gru has debuted the official trailer for their sequel, which is actually a blast to Gru's past and a look at the start of it all.
Minions 2: The Rise Of Gru Official Trailer

This past Sunday, we got the Big game Teaser Trailer for Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions 2: The Rise Of Gru. And now, the official trailer has been released:

This trailer is really good at not spoiling the film’s plot, but this still is a great trailer.

Details Gleaned From The Minions Trailer

So, this film is taking place in the 70s and starring a 12-year-old Gru. Thankfully, Steve Carrell is back voicing his iconic character. Meanwhile, Julie Andrews is back once again voicing Gru’s mother, along with Taraji P. Henson and a whole host of other actors who are coming into this in order to play a fun bunch of new supervillains.

One scene from this trailer that I love is the villain chase. And if you have seen the trailer already, you’ll know this scene is really awesome. The best part is that it reminds me of a scene from a certain superhero movie:

Excitement is building for this upcoming release on July 3. If you are excited too, let us know which part of the new film you are most looking forward to. And for more on Minions 2, and all nerdy things, keep it locked on The Illuminerdi.


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