Lauren Graham To Star In Disney+’s The Mighty Ducks Series

lauren graham in mighty ducks

Disney+’s The Mighty Ducks series is starting to collect its cast, including Gilmore Girls mega-star Lauren Graham.

“You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.” That infamous quote from The Dark Knight movie is in full effect with Disney+’s new series, The Mighty Ducks. Before, the Ducks were the underdogs and misfits out to make a name for themselves. Now, in this new series, they are the super competitive, win-obsessed youth hockey team that takes no prisoners.


Lauren Graham: Mama In Charge

News of the cast has been released, and we know who will be playing two of the protagonists.

First, we have Gilmore Girls alum Lauren Graham who will play the lead of “Alex,” the mother of the son “Evan.” This series will be placed in present Minnesota, where young Evan has been thoughtlessly dismissed from the Mighty Ducks team and, with the help of his mother, decides to put together a new team to challenge The Ducks.

Evan will be portrayed by Brady Noon, breakout star from NBC’s comedy Good Girls.

brady noon and lauren graham
Brady Noon is ready for his close-up.

The series is set to have 10 episodes, which will be released on the Disney+ service. The show will include Steve Brill, who was involved in the original movie trilogy as co-creator and executive producer.

Are you excited for The Mighty Ducks reinvigoration? How will Emilio Estevez’s Gordon Bombay play into proceedings? Stay with The Illuminerdi to learn more and get more news and exclusives


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