Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix Secures All-Star Cast

Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the upcoming anime series from Netflix and Mattel, boasts a stellar cast of big names to draw fans to the He-Man franchise.
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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, Netflix and Mattel Television’s upcoming anime sequel to the 80’s TV series, He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe, has landed a mighty voice cast. Fans of the original series will be ecstatic when they see who’s playing whom.

Netflix appears to be using the same formula that gave them a similarly niche success last year in The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance, a prequel to another 80’s cult classic: using big-name talent to lure in audiences who might never have heard of the source material, or would be hesitant to take a chance on it. Masters Of The Universe will even feature the return of a few Age Of Resistance cast members.



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Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Lena Headey (Game Of Thrones) both fall into the latter category, and for good reason, as they were two of the best and most distinguished voices on the alien world of Thra, and will likely bring a great deal of talent to the roles of the villainous Skeletor and the witch Evil-Lyn, respectively. Chris Wood of CW’s Supergirl will star as the moralistic protagonist He-Man, while Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) will play He-Man’s ally Teela.

The supporting cast includes Liam Cunningham (Game Of Thrones) as Man-At-Arms, Stephen Root (Barry) as Cringer, Diedrich Bader (Veep) as Trap Jaw, Griffin Newman (The Tick) as Orko, Tiffany Smith (Supernatural) as Andra, Henry Rollins (Johnny Mnemonic) as Tri-Klops, Alan Oppenheimer (Westworld) as Moss Man, Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman) as Sorceress, Alicia Silverstone (Clueless) as Queen Marlena, Justin Long (Accepted) as Roboto, Jason Mewes (Jay And Silent Bob Reboot) as Stinkor, Phil LeMarr (Justice League) as He-Ro, Tony Todd (The Flash) as Scare Glow, Cree Summer (DC Super Hero Girls) as Priestess, Kevin Michael Richardson (The Batman) as Beast Man, Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series) as Mer-Man, and Harley Quinn Smith (Jay And Silent Bob Reboot) as Ileena.

Kevin Smith, also of Jay And Silent Bob Reboot fame, will serve as the series showrunner.

So what do you think of this impressive cast? Which character are you most excited to see again? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Netflix


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