Mysterio Could Return in Solo Film If Sony Gets Their Way: RUMOR

A source tells The Illuminerdi that Sony is looking to weave Jake Gyllenhaal back into Spider-Man's web with a Mysterio solo film. Could Sinister Six be next?
jake gyllenhaal as mysterio

Jake Gyllenhaal made a big splash as the villain Mysterio with Spider-Man: Far From Home, introducing the character to both the MCU and Sony’s Spiderverse in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, the film appeared to kill him off at the end along with any potential he may have had as a major player in the future. But that may not stop Sony from capitalizing on his popularity, according to our source.

Rumors have already flown in the past that Sony has plans for a Sinister Six film, which would include Vulture (Michael Keaton), Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), and Kraven (casting yet to be announced). While we cannot confirm the validity of that particular source or rumor, it does line up with Keaton’s Vulture appearing in the Morbius trailer as well as The Illuminerdi’s own information that Kraven will have MCU connections.

Our source specifically said that Sony wanted Jake Gyllenhaal back for a solo film, so anything beyond that is speculation on our part. But who wants to spin a spider’s web with us anyway?


How Could Sony Bring Mysterio Back?

mysterio and peter parker
“I’ll see you in another movie… somehow.”

While a Mysterio origin film would be the simplest way to bring Jake Gyllenhaal back without breaking any continuity, it’s logistically problematic for a variety of reasons. First, Spider-Man: Far From Home already took care of his origins, and it would be pretty dicey to bring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony in for a Sony-produced film.

Of course, Mysterio could have a twin brother also played by Jake Gyllenhaal who is bent on vengeance. But as hilarious as that might be, it’s a lot less likely to keep fans invested. As much as many viewers would pay to watch Gyllenhaal cut grass, plenty more are already attached to Mysterio himself and would want to see where that story goes.


There’s one thing to keep in mind in all this: Mysterio is such a master of illusion that he managed to die a hero and get an APB put out on Spider-Man – just as J. Jonah Jameson outs his identity as Peter Parker, natch. There’s no reason he couldn’t have taken one extra step and faked his own demise in addition to everyone else, leaving the rest of his vengeance to another day. A film that explores how he managed, and how he plots to tangle with Peter again, would certainly be fun to watch.

Whatever route Sony takes, they appear to be taking full advantage of the clause allowing them to use Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in their corner of the Marvel universe now. The Illuminerdi certainly hopes it leads to an eventual Sinister Six film, with Spidey as their antagonist. Or maybe this set of Spider-Man films will break the trilogy curse and allow Peter to track down the Six in Spider-Man 4.

Would you be interested in a solo film for Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, or do you think the character is best left alone? Let us know in the comments below.