She-Hulk’s Casting Breakdown Reveal Comic Accurate Origin: EXCLUSIVE

The Illuminerdi has uncovered some details about She-Hulk's origin and connection to the Avengers for Marvel's upcoming show on Disney+.
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She-Hulk fans, rejoice, for The Illuminerdi has some new details regarding Jennifer Walters’ upcoming Disney+ debut.

While Avengers: Endgame was hyped as the end of an era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to multiple deaths and retirement of key members, Marvel has been concocting a much grander plan behind its walls. Much like what happens in the pages of Marvel Comics, head Kevin Feige and his band of creators have been discreetly laying the foundation for a brand new generation of heroes to take on the mantle.


She-Hulk, along with a handful of other properties including Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, and Moon Knight, are the second wave of Marvel shows coming to the Disney+ streaming service. The She-Hulk show is in the midst of pre-production and is looking to shoot in the second half of this year, with Emmy winner Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) having earned the screenwriting honors.

She-Hulk Casting Description and Jennifer Walters’ Origin

Our sources deep within the magical world of Marvel have tipped us off on character details for the lead in the upcoming series. They have begun the casting search for Jennifer Walters, who goes on to be better known as She-Hulk. Specifically, Marvel is looking for an actress with comedic chops in the 26 to 34-year old age range. They’re also leaving the casting open to all races, which should cast a wide net for their search.

Walters’ origin and background in the series will skew very close to the pages of Marvel. The description even cites Jennifer’s Marvel Comics’ origin, noting that she is indeed a lawyer who will gain her abilities after receiving a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, who is specifically mentioned, after being shot. Additionally, the last sentence of the description explicitly states that she is a future member of the Avengers.

She-Hulk Jennifer Walters Lawyer

To comic book fans, that’s a no-brainer. However, to those tracking past and future MCU storylines, this is like a move on the chessboard. It indicates that they’re looking for an actress with cinematic weight, who has the presence to dance between the big and small screens. It also serves as early insight into the foundation of a larger, overarching storyline that will tie together the next phases of superhero filmmaking for the studio.


It’s far from confirmed that actor Mark Ruffalo will be joining the series, but it’s hard to imagine how these story beats will be pulled off without at least a cameo. The overall description clearly points to a large MCU presence for She-Hulk in the years to come, provided she has a successful introduction in her solo show. How close the comic-influenced character description will come to the finished script is certainly unclear, but it does at least signal which way the wind is blowing on the developing project.

It would seem that the casting of Walters will accelerate the pre-production process, since they’re looking to begin shooting in six short months. Once that is cemented, the supporting cast should begin to come into further focus, and The Illuminerdi will certainly be tracking the latest on this and other MCU properties.


The future’s looking bright for Marvel fans and the She-Hulk production. We can’t wait to bring you more of the latest on this and other projects. How do you see She-Hulk fitting into an Avengers movie? Who do you think will be on the team? Let’s talk about it in the comments section and on our social media!


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