Ranger Slayer is returning To Boom Comics

Kimberly the Ranger Slayer returns to the land of the Power Rangers, thanks to a new adventure from Boom! Comics coming in June.

Ready for more Ranger Slayer? We sure are!

The Power Rangers are launching into the stratosphere this weekend, with the release of their next wave in the Lightning collection and the premiere of the second season of Beast Morphers coming so soon.

The good news continues to flow like a faucet, as Boom! comics announced a news Ranger Slayer comic series is on its way. That’s right, fan favorite Kimberly – also known as the Pink Ranger from another dimension – is taking the lead in another set of adventures after the events of “Shattered Grid”.


Ranger Slayer In A Whole Different Dimension

As reported by CBR, Boom executives Filip Sablik and Morgan Perry made the announcement at comicsPRO. They explained a one shot set would be released in June, which will then go into a limited series in July. This new release may show what will happen once the comic series had a big shakeup in October.

Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 is straight out of the minds of writer Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphin Power RangersSaban’s Go Go Power Rangers) and artist Dan Mora (Once and FutureKlaus). Together, they tell the story of Kimberly proving she’s a hero instead of a villain.

Ranger Slayer will be making a appearance, it seems, after the events of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50. Where do you expect Kimberly’s story to go next?

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