Neil deGrasse Tyson Judges The Scientific Accuracy of Marvel vs. DC Comics

Neil deGrasse Tyson gives his qualified opinion on which comic book company is better at dealing with scientific accuracy between Marvel and DC Comics.
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Marvel versus DC has been one of the greatest debates of our time, but now one side is finally getting the coveted Neil deGrasse Tyson endorsement.

The continuing debate is that of “Marvel or DC”. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is currently best known for Cosmos: Possible Worlds on National Geographic, spoke with During the interview, he gave his answer to question of where Marvel or DC is more scientifically accurate.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Comics With Science

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Tyson didn’t waste a minute with his answer that Marvel is “hands down” more scientifically accurate.

“Oh Yeah. No Question. Oh, there’s no question” Tyson said. “Oh, it’s obvious. Marvel wins that contest hands down over DC Comics if for no other reason that almost, minus Thor and maybe one or two others that I’ve lost track of, almost everyone with powers in Marvel Comics, those powers are derived from something scientific that happened to them.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson loves examples, so he had even more to say:

“Spider-Man. He’s bitten while he’s in a biology lab where there’s a radioactive spider. There’s the Hulk, who… it was gamma rays. Everybody’s got a science-based story behind their superpowers, and that creates a fertile landscape that you can go back to if you need to. Plus, Banner was a medical doctor, for goodness’ sake. So, this has value.”

After that, he expressed having no ill-will towards DC Comics and reminded the fans he is an official member of the DC Universe thanks to his appearance in Action Comics #14. He explained the scene he was in as well:

“I am there. Superman wanted to use The Hayden Planetarium, of course, where I work, to observe the destruction of Krypton because the light from that explosion would just be reaching Earth around then. That was the premise of that story and I had to just make sure that we were all on the same page.”

Tyson detailed that he had an active hand in developing the issue, making it more scientifically accurate – or as accurate as can be when dealing with a Kryptonian alien.

So, what side of the fence do you stand on this debate? Make sure you keep with the Illuminerdi for more news, and don’t forget to check out Tyson on Cosmos: Possible Worlds on National Geographic.


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