Lost In Space To End With 3rd Season

To the delight of Lost In Space fans, the sci-fi series will be returning for a third season in 2021. But there's a catch: it will also be the series' last.
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To the delight of Lost In Space fans everywhere, Netflix has not forgotten you. At long last, the streaming service has announced that the phenomenal sci-fi adventure series will return for a third season in 2021 – something that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering that the show’s second season quickly became one of Netflix’s most-watched family series of 2019 after its release in December.

But on the flip-side, fans of Lost In Space will also be disappointed to hear that this third season will be the series’ last, closing out a glorious, high-stakes journey across the universe that invested audiences in the stories of the daring Robinson family, their untrustworthy and unwilling accomplice Dr. Smith, lovable smuggler Don West (and his lucky chicken, Debbie), and The Robot, who was already one of the sci-fi genre’s most iconic characters even before this reboot of the 1960’s original series gave him a new design, personality, and deeply emotional story arc.



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We don’t yet know what will happen in the third and final season of Lost In Space, but we can make some guesses. Last season, we watched as the Robinson family had to make the difficult decision to split up to avoid being murdered by an army of robots: while Judy, Penny and Will Robinson commandeered the Jupiter spacecraft to carry a hundred children to safety on the human colony of Alpha Centauri, their parents John and Maureen stayed behind amongst the wreckage of the Resolute, the ship that they had struggled so long to get to during the first season.

But though John and Maureen consoled themselves with the thought that their children would get help and be able to rescue them eventually, we know differently. The Robinson children didn’t make it to Alpha Centauri because The Robot, who was supposed to guide them there, instead brought them to a human spaceship floating in a far-off corner of space – none other than the Fortuna, the very same spaceship that carried Judy Robinson’s biological father Grant Kelly before his mysterious disappearance.

If he’s still alive, Grant Kelly is likely to be a major character in the series’ final showdown between the robots and the humans, as his own journeys may have brought him into contact with robots and who-knows-what-else.


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If there is to be a climactic battle in the third season, it wouldn’t be truly complete without a little interference from the series’ villain, the wily and conniving “Dr. Zoe Smith” (or Jessica Harris, or June Harris, or whichever name she’s going by when we next run into her). All of Dr. Smith’s crazy schemes and hidden agendas have been constructed to get her to one place: Alpha Centauri, and a life with no regrets and no strings attached.

The only problem is, we watched her develop a soft spot for the Robinson family during her time with them, and she even gave us all a big scare when she pretended to sacrifice herself to save the children in the season two finale. But in true Dr. Smith fashion, she somehow managed to sneak onboard the fleeing Jupiter craft in a shipping container (long story), meaning that we have no idea whether her newfound moral compass was all a scam, or what she’ll do when she finds out that her getaway spaceship is making a detour to the Fortuna instead of heading straight for Alpha Centauri.

Then there’s the matter of the robots, who have been a mystery throughout the series. Will Robinson, the youngest member of the family, developed a strong telepathic bond with The Robot in the first episode of the show, and since then he’s been hunting wherever he goes for clues about where The Robot came from and what he’s capable of doing. The remainder of that search, which has so far turned up evidence of possible reincarnations and a giant, technologically-advanced robot society, may have to be drastically edited down to fit in a ten-episode season. If there’s a case to be made for not ending the series after just three seasons, that would be Exhibit A.

How do you feel about the news that Lost In Space only has one more star-faring story left to tell, and what did you enjoy most about the series? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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