Chance the Rapper In Talks To Join New Sesame Street Musical Film

According to recent reports, actor and musician Chance the Rapper is in negotiations to join the cast of the new Sesame Street movie.

According to recent reports, actor and musician Chance the Rapper is in negotiations to join the cast of the new Sesame Street movie.

Sesame Street is a preschool educational program that  first aired November 10th, 1969. They began their 50th season in 2019. 50 seasons means 50 guest stars and among them are John Legend, David Beckham, The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC,  Ryan Reynolds, Susan Sarandon, Destiny’s Child, JIm Carrey, just to name a few.

Warner Bros, Shawn Levy, and Michael Aguilar, will be producing a new Sesame Street musical film, directed by Jonathan Krisel, which stars Anne Hathaway. The premise of the movie is that the residents of Sesame Street find themselves being forced out of their homes, so they have to band together to save their neighborhood from disappearing.

Chance the Rapper to Join the Street?

According to recent reports from Collider, Chance the Rapper, also known as Chance Bennett, is in talks for a role in the film. The 26-year old rapper debuted his mixtape called 10 Day in 2012. He’s won 16 major awards and among them is a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2017.

He also has experience on the Street. On January 5th, 2019, he guest starred on a Sesame Street episode titled, “The Monster Who Loved Cookies.” He played an actor who struggled to remember his lines for the lead role of The Monster. 

Sesame Street is a Part of NYC

The television series has won many awards dating as far back as 1980. The set and overall look of the production has gone through many changes over the years. The home of these lovable characters is a fictional neighborhood in New York City. However the show is still very much a part of the fabric of the real life city.


Last year Mayor Bill de Blasio declared May 1st, 2019 as “Sesame Street Day”. The cast and Muppets all posed with the Mayor for a photo, standing underneath the city’s newest street sign From that day on West 63rd Street will also be known as Sesame Street. This goes to show how impactful this educational program has been over the decades. 

Sesame Street Muppet Cast

Sesame Street has always focused on entertaining and educating its young viewers and their famous hosts throughout the years have always aided in that goal. Although the production has gone through a few setbacks, hopefully the film will do well with its target audience. They already have Hathaway who already has musical experience after co-starring in, Les Miserables. While, Jonathan Krisel and Chance the Rapper have both worked on Saturday Night Live, which proves that they both have the chops for comedy.   


Sesame Street is expected to be released in early 2022. What do you think of Chance the Rapper joining the cast? What is your favorite Sesame Street memory? Let us know in the comment section and on our social media!