Aquaman 2 Writer Reveals Which Comics Inspired The Sequel And When The Trench Spin-Off Takes Place

Aquaman 2 writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick shared some comics upon which the DCEU sequel would be based, as well as details about the Trench spin-off.
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David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick discusses inspiration for Aquaman 2 with an impromptu fan Q&A on Twitter.

With people staying at home and businesses closing because of the COVID-19 outbreak, more celebrities and filmmakers are talking with fans on social media. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick took to Twitter last night for a short Q&A with fans. And it gave us a bit of insight into what we can expect from the heavily anticipated DC films.

 Aquaman (2018) made over $1 billion world-wide, which makes it not only the highest grossing DCEU film, but also the highest grossing film based on a DC character. This led to a sequel being ordered only a month after it hit theaters and, like the first, it will be written by Johnson-McGoldrick. 


What We Learned About Aquaman 2 And The Trench Spin-Off

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The Aquaman 2 writer was asked about the sequel and he couldn’t give away any spoilers, but he did reveal that while it won’t be based on any one story from the comics he fans should look to the Silver Age Aquaman, especially the issues that featured Black Manta.

The Silver Age comics dove deeper into Aquaman’s backstory and revealed his identity as Arthur Curry. The Silver Age is also when Black Manta was introduced and over time he became one of Aquaman’s most cunning archenemies. While it has been known Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will be returning in Aquaman 2 this makes clear the importance of Black Manta in the upcoming film. Hopefully more of Black Manta’s origin will be revealed beyond what we learned in the first film. 

Johnson-McGoldrick was also asked about the Aquaman spinoff based on the Trench. The Trench spinoff will be more of a monster horror movie than a standard superhero film. Based around the monsters that were introduced in Aquaman first attacking Arthur and Mara then joining them in the climactic battle. In the Q&A it was revealed that the spinoff will be set between Aquaman and Aquaman 2

Like Johnson-McGoldrick, who is writing the sequel, James Wan will be returning to direct after the massive success of the first. The script for this much-anticipated film is in the works now and Johnson-McGoldrick is clearly excited. Although these answers don’t reveal much they do hint at what is to come for our heroes and villains of the Atlantean world within the DCEU. Aquaman 2 is expected to hit theaters December 16, 2022.

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