Could Solo Be The Nick Fury Of The Spider-Verse?

Many viewers, even if they are Marvel readers, may not be sure who Solo is. But if he gets his own film in the Spider-Verse, he could be another Nick Fury.
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Solo is one of the latest Spider-Man characters to receive his own ‘solo’ film, which is slightly odd considering not many people even know who Solo is in the first place.

As the Sony Spider-Verse continues to grow with the success of Venom and the hype surrounding the first trailer for 2020’s Morbius, it is clear that Sony is try to get their Spidey Cinematic Universe off the ground and running as Marvel and Disney continue to thrive with the web-slinger in the MCU.

Considering how obscure a character Solo is, he would seem to be an odd choice to have his own feature film – although it does make some sense when you look deeper into who he is and what he can do.

Who is Solo?

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Solo, also known as James Bourne, works as a counter-terrorism operative and has a unique set of skills that could translate very well to film. He is a master hand-to-hand combatant, an expert marksman, and highly intelligent. He wears a bullet-proof quilted Kevlar type of armor for protection and uses conventional weapons and firearms, although he also has somewhat limited teleportation abilities thanks to his cybernetic implants.

As of right now, the confirmed Solo movie is only for the Sony Spider-Verse and there is no indication of the character joining the MCU, similar to both Venom and Morbius. His rights are exclusive to Sony and are only useable in the Sony Spider-verse until further notice, but if he were to crossover into the MCU, we have some on ideas on exactly how it could work.

The Spider-Verse Needs a Hero

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Solo’s inclusion in both the Spider-Verse and the MCU would make him the first actual hero to get his own solo movie. To be perfectly honest, it would be a nice change of pace for Sony to go this route, considering the studio is preparing to release a movie featuring a mad scientist turned demon vampire.

This is on top of Venom, which features of one of Spider-Man’s biggest foes who has an incredibly similar power-set to the wall-crawler himself. As great of a character as Venom could potentially be in a film or series that actually features Spider-Man, Solo is a much more down to Earth character. That’s literally speaking, considering Venom is originated as a symbiotic life form coming from a comet in space.


Solo has been known in the comics to help out Spider-man on occasion, along with countless other heroes is the Marvel Comics Universe in different situations. After the Sinister Six defeated Spidey and the Hulk, Solo stepped in to assist them in their second fight against the classic super-villain team, and he simply disappears once his mission is over. He is exactly the kind of person that can both relate to Spider-Man and also assist him in his superhero endeavors in the MCU, while being a driving force to stop the different villains rising up from the Sony Spider-Verse now and in the future.


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