Artemis Fowl Officially Lands On Disney+ Exclusive Streaming

After countless delays, Artemis Fowl will finally be made available to view through Disney+ streaming after the theatrical release was waylaid by COVID-19.
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Artemis Fowl fans rejoice! After endless years of waiting, it seems the forever-in-development movie will finally be released, to be viewed in the comfort of our homes on Disney+.

The Artemis Fowl film has been in development at Disney since 2016. However fans will recall the initial announcement was made in 2001 about plans for a film adaptation. So the upcoming film will certainly be a long time coming for Artemis Fowl fans. By the time it was announced in 2013 that the film would be made by Disney, it was with an uncertain hope and a healthy dose of skepticism that the movie would actually be made.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the movie was initially due to be released in August of 2019, and released a teaser trailer with the release date of November 2018. Alas, fans were thwarted once again when the movie was pushed back and had to wait until 2020. While Artemis Fowl was finally supposed to come out in theaters on May 29, 2020, the Coronavirus hit and pushed back the release of long-awaited titles.

Considering that this movie has been in production in some form since 2001, pushing the release back once again didn’t bode well for the movie, even if recent events couldn’t have been foreseen. So Disney made the wise decision to release the movie exclusively to their streaming site Disney+.


Artemis Fowl‘s Long And Storied Journey

Cover of Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian
Cover of Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian

Artemis Fowl will be based off the book series named after its main character. When the series starts, the protagonist is a genius twelve-year-old boy who uses his intellect to grow his family fortune through his crimes. He initially is viewed as the villain against the magical fairy people, but throughout the series works in tandem with them to fight off bigger evils. In particular, Artemis works with Holly Short, a fairy who works as a captain in LEPRecon. The titular Artemis Fowl will be played by Ferdia Shaw, and Holly Short will be played by Laura McDonnell.

The final installment of the original book series, Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian, was released in July 2012 so it’s been quite a while since Fowl fever has peaked in its fandom, but perhaps this new movie will invigorate the flame in old fans, and also hopefully bring new fans into the franchise. Regardless of how long it took for this movie to come out, hopefully the decade-long wait was well worth it. Artemis Fowl will stream on Disney+ on June 12, 2020.

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