Red Hulk Fan-Made Poster Sees Him Added To The MCU

A talented fan gave us a unofficial look at a possible Red Hulk movie, via an exciting poster.
Red Hulk Header The Illuminerdi

While there have been some rumours regarding an appearance of Red Hulk in the MCU, a fan created an unofficial poster for a Red Hulk movie.

There are rumours of an Red-Hulk appearance in Disney+ She-Hulk or in the rumoured Thunderbolts series. But these are just rumours, and even if they turn out to be correct, we wouldn’t get our first look at the latest iteration of the Hulk for another few years. A talented fan gave us a fan-made poster of what an entire Red Hulk movie could look like.

Who is The Red Hulk?

Who else loves the cheeky title for the made up movie? The IncREDible Hulk would certainly catch our attention here at The Illuminerdi.


For those who aren’t aware, this character is not another of Bruce Banner’s identities. Instead, it’s a newer interpretation dating (not so) back to 2008, when Thunderbolt Ross became the character for the first time. Thaddeus Ross is, of course, Betty Ross’ father – so he’s technically already been seen in the MCU. Hopefully he’d bring his daughter with him if he showed up again.

What do you guys think? Do you like the poster? Would you like to see the Red-Hulk appear in the MCU? Let’s discuss everything in the comments down below.


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