Power Rangers Board Game Reveals 3 Exciting New Packs

power rangers board game - heroes of the grid

The Power Rangers board game, called Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, has been taking off like a rocket with new expansion pack releases.

Renegade Studios, the studio making the tabletop game, has already released the Psycho Rangers pack and the Machine Empire pack last month. It looks like the studio behind the game is stepping it up again with three releases for the board game, and we are here to break them down for you.


Make sure that you check out the game and buy a copy to play as the rangers or fight them with your friends through this pandemic situation.

Power Rangers Board Game Additions

power rangers board game

The 1st pack is the Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver pack. this set gives you four forms of Tommy Oliver from his time in the series. Including a Mighty Morphin Green and White ranger, a red Zeo ranger, a red Turbo ranger and his Dino Thunder Black form.

The pack also gives a villain figure as well, which looks to be the clone form used in the anniversary episode “Dimensions in Danger”. The pack is available for $40.00, which is a hefty price but potentially well worth it.

The next release is a deluxe figure version of Goldar. This giant scale figure can be pitted against any team of rangers and will be a good piece to add to the board. The mega Goldar figure is also available for $40.00.

Finally, Renegade is releasing the Zeo Ranger Pack for the Power Rangers board game, featuring all five rangers. This pack will be a great addition for the game, especially for fans who are planning to buy the Machine Empire pack. These packs are all ready for purchase now.

Do you have Heroes of the Grid already? Will you be picking up these new additions? Comment below and make sure you stay with The Illuminerdi for more Power Ranger news and features.


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