New Details About Tenet’s Recent Release Date Delays Have Been Revealed

Tenet's release date has been delayed once again, given the continued pandemic concerns. Here are the latest details on the Christopher Nolan epic.
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Tenet has a few more details regarding its eventual release for fans to look forward to.

The world is desperately waiting for things to return to normal after the devastating pandemic that has ravaged all of 2020. One of the biggest aspects of everyday life that people are anticipating is the return of trips to the movie theaters and the huge blockbusters waiting to release to the fans.

Along with major new projects from big time Hollywood franchises like the DC Extended Universe in August (Wonder Woman 1984) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in November (Black Widow), there are a few other highly anticipated big-budget flicks that are hoping to make their theatrical debut soon. One of these is the newest Christopher Nolan epic Tenet, which has had its fair share of delays on its journey to release.


The new $200 million espionage film was originally set for release on July 17 before a meeting between Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan changed things up. After laying out a number of scenarios detailing everything that could happen with the film financially depending on when it released, the film’s release date was pushed ahead a couple of weeks to July 31.

Tenet Switches It Up Again

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After a sudden rise in cases of COVID- 19 in the following weeks, including in major US markets such as California, Texas and Florida, the date was once again pushed ahead by two weeks which meant the film would land on a new release date of August 12. This is currently where it sits, and the change was accompanied by a quote from Warner Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich:

We are very proud of Tenet and can’t wait for people to see it in theaters. However, we only want people to go to theaters when state and local officials say they can be safely reopened.

Nolan is obviously one of the very few filmmakers with this much pull in the release of his films, but that has obviously been well earned after his long string of successful projects. He has delivered on major projects like the Christian Bale-led Dark Knight trilogy from 2005 to 2012, the exciting Inception in 2010, and the academy-award-nominated Dunkirk in 2017. He has a long history of delivering movies that earn both critical and financial success, and Tenet is his next hopeful big hit that is already making waves across the entire film industry.

Tenet boasts an all-star cast including John David Washington, future Batman Robert Pattinson, the MCU’s Elizabeth Debicki, acclaimed British actor/director Kenneth Branagh, and Hollywood legend Michael Caine. The film is currently set for global release on August 12, 2020.


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