The First Look At Marvel’s Helstrom Has Arrived

Get first look at Helstrom, a Hulu original adaptation of the Marvel Comics' property.
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The first look at Helstrom, a Hulu original adaptation of Marvel’s Son Of Satan and Satana, has arrived.

The official synopsis takes the Satanic ties away from the characters, though I expect that the synopsis is something of a misdirect. It will be fascinating to see how closely this series will truly stick to it’s demonic roots.

Marvel’s Helstorm will focus on Daimon and Ana Helstrom, the son and daughter of “a mysterious and powerful serial killer” who “track down the terrorizing worst of humanity.

Helstrom is the final offering of the Marvel Entertainment era of Marvel Cinematic Universe television. Agents Of Shield, ushered in an era of comic book storytelling on the small screen that lasted until Marvel Television was folded into it’s much higher profile brother, Marvel Studios, last November. Fascinatingly, that makes Helstrom the first TV series produced by Marvel Studios to see release.

Additionally, Marvel CCO and architect of the Infinity Saga Kevin Feige is producing the series, making this the second MCU series he has produced after Agent Carter. The series was originally planned as part of Hulu’s “Adventure Into Fear” initiative, alongside a Gabriel Luna starring Ghost Rider series.


Tragically, Ghost Rider, Adventure Into Fear, and all other Marvel TV era productions were cancelled in the Marvel Studios merger. It’s highly likely that Helstrom will be dead on arrival and cancelled shortly after it’s October release, though this is not guaranteed by any means. High viewership could prove vital to the survival of the MCU’s first horror property past it’s debut season.

First Look Images From Helstrom

The first official Helstrom images showcase the full cast and impressively sleek set design. Below are the complete character breakdowns.

  • Tom Austen (Grantchester, The Royals) as Daimon Helstrom – A professor of ethics who moonlights as an exorcist, Daimon has no illusions about saving a world he has no patience for; he just hopes he can help a few of the people closest to him. In his battle against a hidden world, Daimon is determined to root out demons as they arise, and will not stop until they’re vanquished.
  • Sydney Lemmon (Fear of The Walking Dead) as Ana Helstrom – By day, Ana runs a successful auction house and suffers no fools, but her true interest lies in hunting down those who hurt others. Traumatized by her father as a child, Ana is driven to rid the world of those like him, even as she secretly worries her father will return.
  • Elizabeth Marvel (Homeland, The Meyerowitz Stories) as Victoria Helstrom – Plagued by demons both real and imagined, Victoria has been institutionalized for twenty years. While she struggles to be herself, she hopes to repair her relationship with her children.
  • Robert Wisdom (Ballers, Watchmen) as Caretaker – Caretaker is a guardian of knowledge of the occult. He uses his knowledge and his relationship with Ana to help keep demonic forces at bay.
  • June Carryl (Mindhunter, Dead Women Walking) as Dr. Louise Hastings – A psychologist with a strong faith but an open mind, Hastings is head of the psychiatric hospital where Victoria is being monitored. She has watched over the Helstrom family for years, caring for them as best she can.
  • Ariana Guerra (Raising Dion, Insatiable) as Gabriella Rosetti – A woman balancing logic and faith, Gabriella arrives from the Vatican to help Daimon and Hastings uncover cases of demonic possession. She wants to save everyone she can, including Daimon.
  • Alain Uy (The Passage, Paper Tigers) as Chris Yen – Yen is Ana’s business partner and her closest friend — some would say surrogate brother. He carries out the bulk of the auction house’s responsibilities and assists Ana with whatever she needs.

Fans can expect more information, and hopefully a trailer at the virtual Comic-Con@Home Helstrom panel on July 24th.

Are you excited for Marvel’s Helstrom? Is the “mysterious and powerful serial killer” really Satan or Mephisto? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media.


Source: IGN


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