Wonder woman 1984 pushed to christmas day release

The world is ready to see Gal Gadot return as Diana Prince, but they have to wait longer for Wonder Woman 1984, which has been pushed back to December 25.
wonder woman 1984 delay

The world is ready to see Gal Gadot return as Diana Prince again, but they’re going to have to wait longer for Wonder Woman 1984.

It looks like the release of her sequel movie is being pushed back again. Wonder Woman 1984 was set to be released in October after initial delays caused by the pandemic, but it looks like DC Comics and Warner Bros. has decided to wait even longer for things to clear up.


The Wall Street Journal reported that the studio was talking about postponing the movie thanks to someone who is closely working on the issue.

Why Delay Wonder Woman 1984?

wonder woman 1984 novel

The delay may be a move that is set to help rather than hurt the movie. Despite many theaters opening back up after delays due to the Coronavirus, movies like Tenet are still not doing well so far in the US – and The New Mutants movie was a disaster of a flop. These two movies are showing the backlash that the theaters are facing, and it seems that most moviegoers continue to avoid the theaters.

Yesterday, Sony Pictures sent out word that they will not be releasing any of their major movies until the pandemic is over. Unfortunately, we have no idea when this will happen. Warner Bros did announce, however, that Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to theaters on Christmas this year. This move has not changed the release date of movie DUNE, which is still set to come out on December 18th.

This move may be the best for Wonder Woman, as WB has not decided to follow other companies by releasing their top movies through a premium on demand service yet. What do you think of this pushback? Will you be going to Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas day? Make sure you keep your lassos of truth up to date with The Illuminerdi for more DC Comics news and features.


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