DC Announces New Future State Comic Event

DC Comics is setting up to reboot the world of our favorite heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in its recently announced "Future State" project.
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DC Comics is setting up to reboot the world of our favorite heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in its upcoming event, Future State. This new look into their worlds is pushing into the future of these characters.

The “Future State” was going to be a massive project, and now DC has announced it will be a two month event that will shake the DC universe. The story is set to take place after everything that happened during the Death Metal series and will look at heroes and villains’ in new ways, new characters and new adventures. Here is a piece of what DC said when making the announcement.

“DC is starting 2021 off with a bang, giving fans a glimpse into futures both near and far, full of current and new characters as the publisher announced plans today for DC Future State, a two-month, line-wide event beginning in January. Through February 2021, the full title lineup will feature a combination of monthly and twice-monthly oversize anthologies, as well as a monthly schedule of miniseries and one-shots.”

Where Will The Future State Of DC Lead?

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The new comic event will be a way to bring the DC worlds of TV, movies and DC animation to the pages for fans new and old to take hold of. Some of the new comics that Future State will be diving into includes a new face for Batman.

Shown off on the new cover for the Suicide Squad is Amanda Waller’s new team, with mirrors of the Justice League whose identities are unknown now but will be told. One part of this is the person in the Batman costume, there is signs this could be Catman in the cowl as the costume shows off Catman’s blades on the side of the utility belt.


Another new title is Wonder Woman, with a new style and new toys the cover shows off a new look for the amazon princess and a utility belt that has the bat symbol on it. Another change that the event will show off is making Red X canon to the comics. Red X was a undercover persona used by Robin in the classic Teen Titans Animated series that had robin then someone new take over as an anti hero. No word on where this new X will land, perhaps his or her first appearance will be dealing with the Teen titans.

More changes in the Bat family are set to appear with Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown. These two batgirls are given new costumes that are less comically and more battle ready as they are set to be in a prison facility that keeps both heroes and villains in its stay, while their bat insignia are changed for their orphan and spoiler suits.

The world of Batman continues to change as the future of Gotham City is up in arms as villains are ruling the city with masked warriors outlawed and Bruce Wayne as the dark knight has been killed. A new dark knight is approaching and will be a new light for the city. It will be interesting to see what new character will don the cowl or if DC will bring a former hero back such as Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, or Terry Mcginnis as Batman.

This next story is bound to have fans ready to see what happens as Superman as we know him changes in this future. The story so far told is that after revealing his identity as Clark Kent and Superman, an international incident will have people of the earth angry at the man of steel. He will set off to help others beyond the earth and will leave the earth in his son, Jon Kent’s youthful hands. We will see how Jon adjust to being the Earth’s champion and his decisions to keep Metropolis safe that will have him at odds with his cousin Supergirl.

There is so much that DC has ready to make 2021 a great time to be a DC fan and while the world we live in is in disarray it will be great to escape to a new realm of reality. What do you think of this new comic event? Check out some of this new comic cover art shared by DC of the upcoming future state and make sure you comment below and stay with the Illuminerdi for more news and content

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