The Batman Actress Jayme Lawson Reflects On Her Experience

Actress Jayme Lawson shares her excitement to be part of The Batman and gives some hints about her character in the film.

It is never easy to obtain acting roles in a dog eat dog Hollywood, but as a 2019 graduate of Juilliard, Jayme Lawson is thrilled to be getting roles in some top movies so far – including The Batman with Matt Reeves.

Jayme Lawson will be playing Bella Real, who so far has been described as simply a “mayoral candidate.” The movie will be following the second year of Bruce Wayne’s (played by Robert Pattinson) tenure as he continues his new mission to be the vigilante Batman, defending Gotham City from the forces of evil.


Lawson’s Real is a new character that has no known background in any DC Comics stories thus far, although she may be a disguise for a bigger character reveal.

Jayme Lawson Shares Some Batman Scoop

jayme lawson - the batman

While talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Jayme Lawson talked about the experience she has had while on set of the movie. She also gave some clues into the details of her character and confirmed that Bella Real was not someone from Batman’s long history. Here is what she said about working on set:

”I think that ties in with my character. She’s gotta fake it till she makes it. She’s running up against the big dogs. And so there’s not much transformation that’s happening when I show up on set. I am surrounded by a lot of great talent and I’ve just gotta fake it. So I will be as nervous as can be, but I can’t let it be known. (Laughs.) So I just do what I’ve gotta do. It’s working out so far, so that’s good.”

It looks like Lawson is learning and getting excellent on-the-job knowledge and she explains how her character like her is learning and bluffing about her intimidation around more bigger characters and actors. She didn’t give much more information, aside from explaining that she didn’t look into the Batman comics for inspiration. She did talk about being on set during this time of the pandemic and how the movie’s filming being delayed and moved back. She was very happy to see the cast and crew and about the new protocols that are in effect.

“When I went back out in October and I saw the crew, I almost cried because I hadn’t seen these faces in so long,” she said. “Everybody wants to hug and touch and talk, but we’re on a tight schedule and we can’t because of protocols. But the feeling is still there and the desire is still there.”

Things around the movie set has changed dramatically since the rise of the COVID pandemic, but it is always nice to see good experiences gained by rising new actors. The Batman is set to come to theaters in 2022.

What do you think of this new character? Will Jayme Lawson’s portrayal of her cause her to enter the comic world of Gotham City? Comment below and keep your cowls on as The Illuminerdi provides more DC Comics news and features.



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