Attack On Titan Season 4 Director Comments On Final Season’s Big Finale

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The epic final showdown and battle for humanity is coming soon on author Hajime Isayama’s popular Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) series. After years of waiting, the popular and successful hit anime series will be coming to end during its fourth and final season.

The Attack On Titan anime gained a massive following and was an overnight success ever since it’s first episode premiered back in 2013. The anime became a pop culture phenomenon and was able to garner many casual audiences into the anime landscape. Now with the final season scheduled to premiere in December 7 in Japan and reported later this year on multiple streaming services, fans are highly excited.


The anime series was originally under the helm of WITT studio for season 1 through 3. The final and fourth season will be helmed MAPPA studio. The sudden studio swap actually have made fans nervous and wary about the final season. However director Yuichiro Hayashi reassured fans about their worries for the upcoming final season in a recent interview.

Attack On Titan Director Speaks Up

attack on titan season 4

When the trailer for the fourth season of Attack On Titan announced that MAPAA Studios will be overseeing the finale, fans were in shocked and wary due to them being used to WITT studio. Hayashi, during his recent interview, remarked on the fans reaction of MAPAA taking over.

Hayashi stated that the studio is up to the challenge and has great confidence it would please fans. Hayashi explained “It seems that we have taken on a big project” and added But there is no turning back now, so this year we have been working on it with the new team and recreating it through animation. However what caught the attention of the media and fans is when Hayoshi teased the big finale of Attack On Titan’s final season.

Hayoshi explained that “Nobody knows how the manga will end, but we will be able to reach the climax of this great story”. Hayoshi then added It may be the end, “but we still have a long way to go. So I hope we can enjoy it to the end.” Now this statement is really interesting because the Attack On Titan manga is not finished yet and is currently on its final chapters.

This statement could indicate that the anime may be longer than expected or will last until the final chapter in the manga is released. Fans can only hope that Hayoshi and MAPPA studios can give a epic and proper send of  the beloved and popular hit anime series.

The Creation of a Pop Culture Phenomenon

Attack On Titan is based on a popular manga series that was created by author Hajime Isayama. Isayama first created a 65-paged one-shot version of Attack On Titan in 2006. The one-shot was successful and was offered to work at Shonen Jump to adapt his story, and Isayama accepted it. One of the influences in creating the story of Attack On Titan after a terrifying encounter while he was working at an internet café. The incident occurred when an angry customer grabbed Isayama in the collar and threatened him. Isayama explained that through this incident it showed him “the fear of meeting a person I can’t communicate with”.

This encounter was the foundation and inspiration in Isayama creating the Titans. The Manga released on September 9, 2009 and became a huge success. Due to its huge success the manga was eventually adapted into an anime series and its first season and that became a huge commercial success globally.

Attack On Titan follows the story of three young individuals Eren Yaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world ravaged by giant humanoid monsters called Titans. After these Titans ravage their hometown they join their world’s military and enlist in the special Titan hunting task force Survey Squad. Throughout their journey they meet many friends, allies, and enemies.

But the three also experience pain, conspiracy, suffering, betrayal, political corruption, war, emotional turmoil, shocking revelation, and worst of all loss in their journey as soldiers. But what keeps them fighting is their spirit and hope that humanity and peace will rise again.

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Source: ComicBook


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