Power Rangers: Dr.K (Olivia Tennet) Choreographed The Musical Number In Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode “The Silva Switch”

The Power Rangers franchise has been on a huge roll this past year. With the announcement of a new film in development and its upcoming season, Dino Fury fans are hyped and excited. The show’s current season Power Rangers Beast Morphers has been becoming a huge fan favorite. With the Beast Morphers talented cast, good writing, and great story.

That’s also including it’s amazing Dino Rangers cross-over team-up featuring Austin St. John (Red Mighty Morphin), Brennan Mejia (Red Dino Charge), Yoshi Sudarso (Blue Dino Charge), Davi Santos (Gold Dino Charge), and James Davies (Black Dino Charge). That’s including the biggest reveal and shocker that Beast Morphers Main Antagonist Evox is actually RPM’s main villain Venjix. However, fans were also overjoyed when RPM Character Dr. K reprised by Olivia Tennet returned to the series in Beast Morphers.

During our recent interview with Simon Bennet, we found out that Tennet was actually the choreographer for the musical number “It’s Great To Be Human” in Beast Morphers Season 2 episode “The Silva Switch”. This news was also confirmed by Blue Beast Morpher actor Jazz Baduwalia in a recent interview with my page “The Morphin Network” who also stated that Tennet was the choreographer and instructor in the Silva Switch Episode.

During my co-host Leonard and I’s Morphin Network interview with Jazz, he explains that filming the musical scene was amazing and was excited in doing it. Jazz explained that the process was really fun and also challenging at the same time. Mainly because Jazz explained that “he was not a trained dancer and they would train around four to five hours including fourteen-hour workdays on set”.

However, Jazz did explain that he was able to get help from his fellow cast members that he mentioned such as Rorrie D. Travis (Red Beast Morpher Ranger), Jacqueline Scislowski (Yellow Beast Morpher Ranger), Liana Ramirez (Roxy), and Abraham Rodriguez (Gold Beast Morpher Ranger) would help him with choreography, and gave them all high loving praise. Jazz also explained that filming the musical scene “was an amazing experience and because it was not done before in the Power Rangers history”.

Jazz then added that the musical scene “brought him and whole cast closer together, and is hard to explain because the overall experience was amazing”. Jazz statements during the interview just show the hard work, effort, and love that the cast, writers, dancers, and especially Tennet did for this amazing musical number.

power rangers dr k

The news of Tennet being the instructor and choreographer of that incredible musical number is really incredible. Tennet, besides being successful in New Zealand, (one of her projects include Lord Of The Rings: The Twin Towers) is actually a dancer and took lessons at a young age. Tennet’s character Dr. K is a big fan-favorite among the Power Rangers fandom.

The character of Dr. K was the mentor figure of the RPM Rangers in Power Rangers: RPM. Dr. K and the RPM Rangers came from another dimension or another Earth. Dr. K created the Venjix Virus and accidentally released it into her world. The Venjix Virus then ravaged Dr. K’s world and the remaining survivors went to a dome city called Corinth. However to combat Venix and redeem herself for her mistakes she creates the morphers, weapons, and zords of the RPM Rangers.

Dr. K’s story and character development were some of the main themes and highlights of the season. Hopefully, with Tennet’s historical return as Dr. K in Beast Morphers, we can see more of her in the future of Power Rangers.


Source: Morphin Network


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