Pat McAfee Written Off NXT And Accused Of Spray Tanning

Former Indianapolis Colts’ punter, Pat McAfee, responds to being written off NXT TV.
WWE Pat McAfee and Adam Cole

Former Indianapolis Colts’ punter, Pat McAfee, responds to being written off NXT TV.

Pat McAfee has been involved with WWE since 2018.  After preventing Adam Cole from winning a match against Aleister Black a feud began between Cole and McAfee.  The two had a match at NXT TakeOver XXX with Cole coming out the victor.  

WWE Adam Cole and Pat McAfee
Courtesy Of WWE

However, this was not the last time the two squared off. At NXT TakeOver: WarGames Cole’s Undisputed Era went against Pat McAfee’s team in the WarGames match in early December. This was the last we had heard from McAfee. That is until recently when the news of McAfee being written off NXT became public.


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer announced the news, but noted that it was for now and there was no heat between McAfee and WWE.  McAfee responded to the news via his Twitter.  Stating he got fired on Christmas Day.

The Trolls Emerge From Their Caves

The internet trolls are always willing to make someone’s bad day worse so they set upon Pat McAfee. A nice young fan accused McAfee of spray tanning and stated that the reason he was written off NXT was because WWE was tired of cleaning his spray tan off the ring canvas. Pat McAfee decided to respond to the kid via his radio show and set the record straight.

“Hey Benny Butz, get off my ass, dude,” Pat McAfee said. “I tried to get some sun, son, but Indiana doesn’t have any for like five or six months, what do you want from me? I’m super caucasian, I become red easily. I have a tanning bed in my house, but I got third-degree burns from the first time I laid on it. My entire body looked like a goddamn zebra for six months. I can’t use it, so I use the spray tan.

My first match, NXT TakeOver XXX against Adam Cole, I made some rookie mistakes and I should have been undefeated after that match. Maybe I got too dark of a spray tan. I didn’t go to my spray tan machine, I went to another one down in Florida and maybe that one was cooked a little too much. Maybe, when I was sweating, it was falling onto the canvas. Maybe everything that guy is saying is close to accurate, but that doesn’t mean I should have to read on the internet, all day Christmas, that NXT has just written me off of television for the rest of my life. F**k you, Benny Butz!” (H/T for the transcriptions)

WWE Pat McAfee and Adam Cole
Courtesy Of WWE

Written Off Is Not Necessarily Fired For Pat McAfee

I think it needs to be made clear that even though Pat McAfee said fired in his tweet, it is not stated he was fired anywhere else.  They all say written off NXT. Which only means he won’t be part of NXT for a little while.  He could still do guest commentary, analyst or even a backstage interviewer.


Pat McAfee and the intelligent side of wrestling fans knew he wouldn’t be around long term. He got the shot to live the dream and have some wrestling matches.  his doesn’t mean he won’t have more or won’t ever work with WWE again. It only means for now he won’t be on NXT.

Do you think Pat McAfee should continue to spray tan or should he just be pale? Maybe he could go totally pale and join up with Aleister Black and his vampire persona. Is there someone in NXT who you would like to see Pat McAfee wrestle?  Write your comments with some of McAfee’s extra spray tan below.


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