Hulk Hogan Believes WWE Has A New “Next Big Thing”

As the world of wrestling celebrated the life of Brodie Lee with 2 tributes by AEW and WWE, one wrestler has been dubbed the "next big thing" by Hulk Hogan.
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With the New Year having arrived, wrestling is beginning its final descent into 2021. As the world of wrestling celebrated the life of Brodie Lee with 2 heartfelt tributes by AEW and WWE, Hulk Hogan dubbed one wrestler as being the “next big thing”.


In a recent interview with Metro UK, Hulk Hogan had stated that the “next big thing” in the WWE is none other than Kevin Owens. While promoting Legends Night for Monday Night, Hogan talked about how he is a fan of NXT and then led into his statement about Kevin Owens. 

Hulk Hogan On Kevin Owens

hulk hogan and kevin owens

‘I was really into the NXT thing and I didn’t see any one guy there that really grinded and just thumped and thumped and stayed on it and was just vicious, and knew when to back off and when to beg and knew all the Pat Patterson tricks. Then I saw Kevin Owens and I thought “Wow, that’s the guy. That’s the guy. You know, he can be the next one if he’s given the opportunity.” 

Hogan would later discuss his thoughts on Raw Superstar Matt Riddle, stating that while he still has time for improvements, he has been impressed with his performance: 

‘I’ve been watching him and he’s really got good instincts. He’s really got a good aptitude for understanding what needs to be done, you know. It’s all about instincts and timing…’

Kevin Owens has been off the main event for quite some time and after his feud with Seth Rollins Culminated at this year’s Wrestlemania, he was in a brief Feud with Aleister Black. After being drafted to Smackdown back in October. He would later join Team Smackdown in the annual 5 v 5 survivor series match.

After Smackdown loss to Raw, Owens turned his focus back onto the main event card by challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal title at TLC earlier this month. Although  he would be unsuccessful in winning the belt, it looks like the storyline between him and Reigns is far from being over. 

What do you guys think of Hogan’s comments on Kevin Owens? Do you believe that what he says is true? Is he just stating the obvious? Go ahead and Power bomb the comment section to let us know your thoughts on it. 


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