4 Shows Fans Should Watch To Prepare For Power Rangers Dino Fury

Waiting is so hard to do when there is a great amount of hype involved for Dino Fury so, during an interview with Simon Bennett, we asked what the recommended shows to re-watch would be in preparation.
Power Rangers Dino Fury

With Power Rangers Dino Fury debut approaching, many fans are awaiting in anticipation for the chance to see the first episode. Waiting is so hard to do when there is a great amount of hype involved for Dino Fury so, during an interview with Simon Bennett, we asked what tone will have and what the recommended shows to re-watch would be.

Without giving too much away, Bennett recommended watching past Dinosaur themed teams. Naturally, these would be the best to watch to help prepare as these shows would be a source of inspiration during research. This includes three different teams of Power Rangers that were each created during a different era of the brand. The Dinosaur themed seasons include the following;

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The season that started the franchise is often the source of inspiration for many seasons. Featuring 5 high-school teenagers that become superheroes, the first team of Power Rangers is also the first to have the Dino theme. Although the Dino theme is not focused upon like other seasons, its characters and content are still iconic and may influence the new Dinosaur season.  

Power Rangers Dino Charge/ Dino Super Charge

Power Rangers Dino Charge Story Introduced an Orange Ranger | CBR

This season of Dino Rangers featured the largest team including 10 members, plus one comic book exclusive Ranger. The two seasons were created during the Neo-Saban era and focused more on the Dinosaur theme than other teams before them. Due to being the most recent, Dino Fury will likely have a lot of similarities to this season compared to others.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

power rangers dino thunder

Although this season was not mentioned specifically by Simon Bennett, it still is a Dino themed team too. Dino Thunder was released in 2004 when Disney had the license for the franchise and has the smallest team out of all Dino themed Power Rangers so far. The story also follows teenagers at high school, but with the return of Tommy Oliver as the Dino Thunder Black Ranger. This team is loved by many Ranger fans and includes a variety of epic moments, so it’s definitely worth giving the show a re-watch too.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Title

It is also worth mention that if you have not watched any of Power Rangers Beast Morphers yet, now is the best time to watch both seasons if possible. Since Simon Bennett was the director of this series, the next season may have similar qualities to this show, plus may also have improvements made to make Dino Fury even greater. This is because Bennett will be the executive producer and showrunner for Dino Fury.


Power Rangers Beast Morphers has been one of the stronger seasons compared to some of the most recent Power Ranger shows. Not only is it recommended by many fans, but it will also be a showcase of what to expect Dino Fury to have in terms of being a great season of Power Rangers.

Although waiting can be tedious, it’s great that fans do have awesome content to re-watch. However, as many will know, Power Rangers will be removed from Netflix at the end of the month, so not much time remains. What will you be re-watching in preparation for Power Rangers Dino Fury? What tone do you think it will likely have? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.



Bryn Darby

Bryn Darby

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