Mamba Forever: The Inspirational Impact and Legend of Kobe Bryant

One writer at The Illuminerdi details the legacy of Kobe Bryant and their own personal experience meeting Black Mamba.
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Kobe Bryant was known as a man of many tastes and talents, as well as for devoting himself to learn new things. Many didn’t know his fascination with entertainment started when he was younger, when he used to be a dancer. That would explain the phenomenal footwork he had during his Basketball career. He also loved music and actually had a one-time stint as a rapper during his time with the Lakers.

Unfortunately, Bryant’s short rapping career did not gain the success he wanted, but he continued to love musical arts and even taught himself to play piano for his loving wife Vanessa. Bryant’s favorite music piece was “Moonlight Sonata,” which he would always play for her. 


Kobe Bryant’s love for film and television eventually led him to form his own multimedia company, called Granity Studios. Granity Studios is an award winning multimedia company focused on stories based around sports, in platforms ranging from Television, Books, Podcast, and Films.

As we could all tell, Bryant had aspirations to become a successful multimedia owner with a long career trajectory. But the fact that he was able to produce so many successful projects in such a short span showed his amazing work ethic.

Kobe Bryant and Brandy

Kobe Bryant was no stranger to Hollywood, guest starring in shows such as Moesha, Arlii$$, Sister Sister, Hang Time, All That, Modern Family, and even Sesame Street. Bryant was also somewhat involved in film and was Spike Lee’s first choice to play the lead character in his critically hit film He Got Game, an offer which Bryant kindly declined due to training for that upcoming NBA Season.

Bryant and Lee did eventually filmed a project together with a special documentary focusing on Kobe’s work ethic, mentality, and the bluntness that made him a fierce competitor. That documentary was called Kobe Doin Work. Bryant did eventually make a film appearance as himself for a special cameo in Modern Family, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

Kobe Bryant was also known and remembered to be an avid fan of movies and pop culture, especially Disney. He also loved Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and especially Harry Potter. The score for his animated short Dear Basketball was even composed by legendary Award Winning composer John Williams. Dear Basketball was based on a poem Bryant wrote during his final season in the NBA about his love for basketball ever since he was a child.

Bryant’s love for Harry Potter and his fascination with storytelling eventually led him to create his own series of books and novels, The Wizenard and Epoca. The Wizenard is a fantasy sports book series that focuses on a group of young individuals with supernatural that are in a Basketball Camp, facing challenges or tests to become greater. The book has lessons about courage, compassion, and empathy. It was a great hit and received highly positive reviews from critics.

Epoca is based on an alternate fantasy world dominated by sports and a magical power called Grana, featuring an essential hero and princess working together to defeat the villain. The first book was met with critical acclaim and became a number one best seller list. Each of these book series were based on the themes Kobe Bryant found fascinating from works he himself loved.

Bryant also wrote a successful book detailing his work ethic and Basketball career called Mamba Mentality: How I Play. It sold many copies and was on many best seller lists. Bryant’s success as an author and creative storyteller further exemplified his hard work and strength of mind.

Many wondered what made Kobe Bryant so appealing, relatable, and influential to many people. Besides his generosity, kindness, love for his sweet family, and inspirational work ethic – the main reason is simply that he was multilingual. Besides English, Bryant was fluent in Italian and Spanish and knew how to speak French, Tagalog, Chinese, Slovenian, and Serbian, among others.

Comically, he learned multiple languages to tease his opponents while during games in a humorous and fun manner. The fact that he learned all of those multiple languages showed how he was devoted he was to learning and made him a beloved cultural icon to many international fans due to him respecting and loving different cultures around the world. Some could say he was ambassador to many cultures due to his knowledge and respect for them. Lets just say Kobe was very popular and beloved with millions of fans, including myself.

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