The Hardy Boys Exclusive Interview: Alexander Elliot Discusses Joe’s Love For Investigating Becoming An Obsession In Season 2

The Hardy Boys star Alexander Elliot reveals if his character Joe Hardy has an unhealthy obsession with investigating in our exclusive interview. 

The Hardy Boys star Alexander Elliot reveals if his character Joe Hardy has an unhealthy obsession with investigating in our exclusive interview. 

Based on the book series created by Edward Stratemeyer (also known for creating the Nancy Drew book series), Joe Hardy is one of the main characters in The Hardy Boys franchise. The character had his introduction in the series’ first novel, The Tower Treasure. In the book series, Joe is a seventeen-year-old High School student. He is also the younger brother of the other series’ main character Frank Hardy.


Compared with his older brother, Joe has excellent investigative skills but is more impulsive. The character has appeared in numerous spin-off novels, video games, comics books, and TV shows

Has Joe’s Love For Investigation Become An Unhealthy Obsession In The Hardy Boys Season 2?

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In the recent, Hardy Boys TV series, young up-and-coming Alexander Elliot portrays Joe Hardy. The newest series features a younger adaptation of the character. In the first season, the mystery involved the murder of Joe’s beloved mother, Laura. With his older brother Frank (Rohan Campbell), both siblings try to investigate and find out who killed their mother. However, during their investigation of Laura’s death, they discover a sinister organization and a magical relic called “The Eye.” Additionally, during their research, they moved to the town of Bridgeport and met new friends along the way. 

We at The Illuminerdi had the opportunity to interview Joe Hardy himself, Alexander Elliot, at Wondercon 2022. We asked Alexander if Joe’s fascination and love with investigating have become an unhealthy obsession in Season 2. It was because, during a special feature promoting Season 2, it teased Joe in craving for a brand new mystery. Also present in the interview is the rest of Alexander’s co-stars, Rohan Campbell, Keana Lyn, Adam Swain, Christian Perri, Riley O’Donnel, and Season 2 newcomer Krista Nazaire.  

The Illuminerdi: In this season, Alex becomes obsessed that he wants to find a new mystery. There were hints of this in the first season. Now has that fascination with investigative work become an obsession?

Alexander Elliot: I think off the top a little bit. Yes! He’s like, you know, taking pictures of suspicious-looking vans around town. Picking up lost dogs’ flyers and just grabbing at anything.

Rohan Campbell: The lost dog ring (laughter)

Alexander Elliot: Yeah! (laughter) Yeah, and then once they find out that Dennis (the missing teen and plot mystery for Season 2) has gone missing. At first, he’s happy to be solving a mystery again. He thinks like “oh yeah, he’s in his element.” But once it and all inevitably goes wrong, he kind of shifts into more of a protective mode. He needs to protect and take care of the people he loves. Especially when everything’s going wrong, he kind of feels the need to take charge and like, “ok this is how we are going to do it.” This is how he save the day and so that was really cool. I got the best of both worlds. 

Alexander Elliot | Wondercon 2022

After watching Season 1 of Alexander’s performance as Joe Hardy was terrific. His chemistry with his on-screen brother Rohan (Frank Hardy) was the show’s biggest strength. I loved that the show featured many of Joe’s characteristics from the books in this new series. An example is there were moments when Joe was impulsive in the show, just like in the books. There were moments when he would trust his gut feeling and jump into a situation.

What excites me for this new season is that it will further explore Joe as a character and possibly his new possible unhealthy obsession for investigation. All episodes of The Hardy Boys Season 2 are now available on Hulu.

What is your favorite Joe Hardy moment in The Hardy Boys Season 1 on Hulu? Are you currently watching Season 2 of The Hardy Boys? Did you read the book series growing up? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter.



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