Something Is Killing The Children #14 Review: The Greatest Stuffed Animal Backpack Ever

Something Is Killing The Children continues on as one of the most riveting ongoing horror comics of our generation with a thrilling issue #14.

Something Is Killing The Children continues on as one of the most riveting ongoing horror comics of our generation with a thrilling issue #14. 

For those unfamiliar with Boom Studios’ groundbreaking horror series, allow me to get you up to speed. On second thought, perhaps the comics badass antihero Erica Slaughter can do a better job.

“Monsters are real. Only children can see them. I’m part of an organization of monster hunters called The Order Of St. George. We’ve got a special way we can see them, too…They care more about making sure the truth about monsters doesn’t get out than making sure people stay alive.”

-Erica Slaughter 

Something Is Killing The Children #15

Archer’s Peak is the unfortunate town where the beasts known as Obscuratypes have been hunting, and their war with Erica and The Order Of St. George is coming to a head. In this week’s issue, secrets about Octo are revealed, Erica’s plan to defeat the beasts is set in motion, and The Order’s battle for the soul of Archer’s Peak continues to unfold. 

Something Is Killing The Children

Before getting into those incredible plot points in detail, I would like to state my belief that the cover art for this issue is a massive spoiler for an upcoming issue. I could be wrong, but the evidence for my theory about Bian’s future is heavily pointing in a certain direction. Not sure how you’re supposed to avoid looking at the cover, but I felt like it deserved mention. 

Regardless of the questionably revealing cover, which admittedly looks fantastic, I truly loved this issue. I’ve been reading this series since issue #6 came out, and my reviews often speak high praise for Something Is Killing The Children. While this was definitely my favorite issue of the last few arcs, it wasn’t without issue. It had exactly one problem, and boy is it a total non-issue. 


I was so enthralled by the gripping tale of Erica Slaughter, James, Bian and Octo’s ritual to summon the remaining Obscuratypes that I found myself angry at the B-story for taking precious pages from the primary arc. That being said, the development in the high school with the townsfolk of Archer’s Peak and The Order Of St. George was fantastic. 

The point that I’m trying to make is that the primary tale of this issue was incredible, while the secondary story was just great. If I could find something else to complain about, it would be that issue #15 of Something Is Killing The Children isn’t out yet. I already watched WandaVision today, I don’t need another traumatic cliffhanger right now. 

Something Is Killing The Children

Before wrapping things up, I need to sing Octo’s praises once more. The mysterious magical stuffed animal Erica Slaughter keeps as a companion has long been a tantalizing mystery. While no concrete, direct answers were provided, much information on this unique character was revealed. We can infer much from issue #14, and who doesn’t love some good old fashioned speculation? 

As I’ve said many times, make sure you’re reading Something Is Killing The Children, available online and in a comic book store near you. What did you think of issue #14? What has been your favorite issues of Something Is Killing The Children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on Twitter, and remember, We Are Always Watching. 



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