Power Rangers Dino Fury Official Title Sequence Revealed


The official title sequence and opening theme song of Power Rangers Dino Fury has been released! After many months of waiting fans have now gotten their first look at the upcoming season’s official title sequence. Dino Fury’s title sequence first premiered in Hasbro Pulse’s recent Fan First Friday. During the live stream fan event Hasbro revealed the new Lightning Action figures that consisted of the Green SPD Ranger, Black In Space Ranger, Blue Lost Galaxy Ranger, and a Tengu Warrior.

They also revealed some cute and creative Ranger Inspired Valentine Grams, and a new Dino Fury Toy Megazord. They also revealed the official poster of Dino Fury. But of course, the main highlight of the fan event was a first look at Dino Fury’s opening title sequence.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Title Sequence Breakdown

First, we look at the title sequence we are first shown the theme song. The theme song is another remix of Go Go Power Rangers with a more synth electronic style version. It does feature new lyrics with one predominantly saying “Evolution Revolution”. The theme song has a more techno electronic feel, way different than previous Dino themed seasons like Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder that featured hard rock or with Dino Charge with its heavy brass rock style.

Overall the theme song is simple and does excite and pump up the show. The only comments I have like Beast Morphers, Dino Fury’s theme was very short. Hopefully, we get an extended version of the theme song, as we got a little hint or nod during the fan event.


Now let’s get to the opening title of Power Rangers Dino Fury itself. As mentioned earlier, the opening title is very short, like roughly around 30 seconds. The trailer opens with three of the Dino Fury Rangers (Red, Blue, and Pink) unmorphed We first see our Red Ranger Zayto riding a T-Rex in somewhat knight style armor. So is Zayto a Dino Knight? (Maybe a homage to Ryusoulger).

We then see the three rangers morphed in their Ranger suits. We then see the three featured Rangers on the cockpit of their Megazord. We then see the title cards for each of the Rangers actors Russell Curry (Red Ranger), Hunter Deno (Pink Ranger), and Kai Moya (Blue Ranger).

zayto power rangers dino fury

We are then shown sequences of the three in action in their Ranger suits. We are then shown sequences of the villains of the show like Void Knight and Boom Tower. We are then finally shown the Dino Fury Megazord. The teaser ends with the Dino Fury Title card with an epic animation of the T-Res Zord. Overall the opening sequence and teaser altogether served its purpose. It’s simple and the theme song hypes the show enough to gain attention. Again as mentioned earlier the only comment I have that it’s too short. Hopefully we get a extended version soon featuring the two other Dino Fury Ranger Black (Chance Perez) and Green (Tessa Rao).

Power Rangers Dino Fury is almost here, and with a few more days till its epic premiere, we are all excited. Hopefully, the upcoming season gives us great action, character development, and overall a great story. Hopefully, the upcoming season can give great moments or memories that fans both younger and older can forever remember with high praise. All we can say is Power Rangers Dino Fury looks like a season to remember, hopefully for a long time with love and respect. Power Rangers Dino Fury is scheduled to premiere on Saturday (February 20th) on Nickelodeon.

Source: Hasbro


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