Lacey Evans Sticking Around WWE TV During Her Pregnancy

WWE Lacey Evans

WWE plans on keeping Lacey Evans on TV for at least a little while during her pregnancy. Evans announced this week on RAW she is pregnant. It was also announced Ric Flair is the father. This is where the storyline meshes with real life. Knowing Flair it wouldn’t be surprising if he did get someone much younger […]

Power Rangers Issue #4 Preview

For fans of the Boom Studios Power Rangers Comic Book Series, here is your first look at Ryan Parrot’s upcoming new issue of Power Rangers #4. Parrot’s current series so far has been a fan favorite and has been an interesting development for the Power Rangers franchise. The new series focuses on and continues on […]

WandaVision Poster Features Dr. Darcy Lewis In Her New Role

darcy lewis

When Marvel Studios revealed that Kat Dennings’ Thor character Darcy Lewis would return in WandaVision, fans were both excited and skeptical. Kat Dennings herself is a very talented and skilled actress, but Darcy Lewis was seen by some as a nuisance or a somewhat unlikeable supporting character. But now that has been changed, and Darcy […]