Chance Perez Is Excited For Dino Fury To Go Back To It’s Power Rangers Roots

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Power Rangers Dino Fury is almost here and fans are excited about the new upcoming season. Almost everyone is excited about what Dino Fury has in store including the upcoming series actor Chance Perez.

Besides being an actor Chance is also a well-known professional artist and musician. For casual fans and audiences, you might remember Chance being a contestant on the hit reality TV show Boy Bands. So it would not be a surprise if Chance shows off his musical talent in the show. Chance plays Javier Garcia the Black Dino Fury Power Ranger.

According to his character biography, Javier will be a talented and aspiring musician. So again like mentioned earlier don’t be surprised if we get to see Javier has moments showcasing his singing and musical talent. It also revealed that Javier is going to be the stepbrother of Izzy Garcia the Green Dino Fury Ranger played by Tessa Rao. Like many of us, Chance was also a huge fan of Power Rangers and loved the franchise while growing up. To Chance becoming a Power Ranger was a dream come true.

Now Dino Fury has been marketed and advertised as a season that will explore the origins of the Morphin Grid. The Morphin Grid was first introduced in the first season of Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin. So there is a high chance we can expect a lot of nods, tributes, and easter eggs of Mighty Morphin in Dino Fury.

Chance Perez Discusses The Heart of The Show

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Fortunately, we at The Illuminerdi had the great opportunity in interviewing the Black Dino Fury Ranger himself Chance Perez. During the interview we asked Chance on what we could potentially see in Dino Fury.

Joe: “Chance, with your season going back to dinosaurs, what’s something from the past seasons that you wish to explore in Dino Fury?”

Chance Perez: “I was just talking about this today. I had that exact question in my head, and I think something that’s really cool about past Power Rangers is I feel like the heart of the show hasn’t changed. Like you said, it incorporates friendship, it incorporates the environment, and just being good people and having those morals.”

“I think that Power Rangers should always stay true to that, and I think that our season does that really well. You can see the camaraderie, like in Mighty Morphin. You can see that friendship in them, as actors but also as their characters. We have that same thing here in our season, so I think that’s pretty special.”

Power Rangers Dino Fury is here and we can’t wait for what the new season has in store for us. Chance Perez will be always known as a talented and amazing musician. However now he will be also remembered for being something very special, a Power Rangers. Hopefully, Chance’s Javier Garcia will make fans proud and be forever remembered like his legendary Black Ranger predecessors. Power Rangers Dino Fury premieres on Nickelodeon on February 20th, 2021



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