Power Rangers Dino Fury’s Connection to The Boom! Studios Comics Explained

The Morphin Masters, originally seen in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the comics, have been reintroduced in the first episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.

In the first season of Power Rangers, the Morphin Masters cast the Power Eggs (a power source powerful enough to defeat the Power Rangers) out to sea to keep it out of the hands of evil.

In an article on RangerWiki they describe the Morphin Masters in comics as the following:

The Morphin Masters studied the Morphin Grid. After the Morphin Masters discover a planet of Zeo Crystals, the Praetor and his Solar Rangers sever that universe from the Morphin Grid.

In Issue 38, the Morphing Masters are shown in a flashback, looking vastly different from what was shown in the Zyuranger stock footage. They are also shown to be more morally grey, as they decided to protect the Splintered Star from the forces of evil by severing its connection to the Morphin Grid. This would result in condemning an entire universe to death in order to spare all of reality from the potential threat of malevolent forces attaining the planet’s Zeo Crystal energy, energy so massive it could obliterate all of reality. (Though how much is true is ambiguous considering the source)

Something the Solarix Ranger realized, was that the Morphin Masters were planning to reunite the severed universe once the Splintered Star depleted its Zeo Energy.

The Morphin Masters’ Connection To Power Rangers Dino Fury

morphin masters dino fury

In the first episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury, the Morphin Masters are seen to be the ones who give the original team their powers. Considering this connection it can assume that they will more than likely reappear throughout the season.

Maybe these characters could have a similar role to the Master Rangers from Dino Fury source material (Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger) who showed up every once and while to help the rangers.

Only time will tell what these mysterious characters will do in Power Rangers Dino Fury and what their connection to the Power Rangers series as a whole could be.

What are your thoughts on the Morphin Masters appearing in Power Rangers Dino Fury? Do you think they will have a greater connection to the Power Rangers franchise as a whole? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow The Illuminerdi on social media to be notified of Power Rangers content like this in the future!



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