DC Announces Titles Coming To DC Universe Infinite In March 2021

DC Universe Infinite, has just announced what you can expect to see on the service next month. Come check it all out.
DC Universe Infinite March 2021

Earlier this year, DC Universe made the shift to DC Universe Infinite, a comics only platform. They’ve just announced what you can expect to see on the service next month. Highlights include older titles like Super Friends, Static, and Blood Syndicate along with newer titles like Let Them Live and the Joker War arc and it’s tie-ins.

Subscribers will also get early access to pre-order the limited edition Zack Snyder’s Justice League Funko Pop! four-pack. March will also see the launch of DC’s DC Book Club, each month’s event will feature free-to-read titles for a limited time, exclusive perks, and special guest talent.

For more information on what’s coming to DC Universe Infinite in March, check out the full press release below the preview covers.

DC Universe Infinite Press Release

Check Out What’s Coming to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE in March!

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE members get more DC content than ever! Head over to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE as the premium digital comic book service adds even more fan-favorite content in March of 2021!

Coming this March, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscribers receive early access to pre-order DC’s limited edition ZACK SNYDER JUSTICE LEAGUE FUNKO POP! four-pack collection, available exclusively in the DC SHOP! More details, including images, are forthcoming.

Next, do you want to dive into all the great DC stories, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone! Starting this March, DC is launching the DC BOOK CLUB, a reading event happening on DC’s on-platform Community, designed to help fans at any level discover new favorites, dive deeper into the comics they love, and connect with a friendly, like-minded comic book community. Each month’s DC BOOK CLUB event will feature limited time free-to-read titles on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, exclusive perks and copper-to-copper connections with special guest talent. Stay tuned for all the details!

And then light up the Bat-Signal, because Detective Comics #1027 arrives on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE on March 23! In honor of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27, this special, oversized celebration brings the biggest names in comics to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE as they chronicle the most epic Batman adventures Gotham City and the DC Universe have ever seen!

Fans eager to read more of DC’s Milestone (Dakota) Universe will get more issues of Static, Hardware, and Icon in March, as well as the chance to read Blood Syndicate #1 and #2 on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE. There’s something new to discover every week!

March also sees the continuation of new series Let Them Live! landing first on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, more Dark Nights: Death Metal tie-in one-shots, the launch of Hellblazer: Rise and Fall by Tom Taylor and Darick Robertson, the arrival of Challenge of the Super Sons #1 by Peter J. Tomasi and Max Raynor, and the beginning of the five-issue “Doom Metal” story in Justice League #53 by Joshua Williamson and Xermanico.

And, every week in March has new chapters of “The Joker War” in issues of Batman, Nightwing, Detective Comics, Batgirl, Catwoman, and Red Hood: Outlaw.

All this and more will be available to read on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE beginning this March:

Week of 3/1

•             Let Them Live! 3

•             Batman (1940-2011) 207

•             Super Friends (1976-1981) 40

•             Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 111

•             Static (1993-1997) 6

•             Hardware (1993-1997) 6

•             Batman/Superman 11

•             Detective Comics 1026—tie-in to “The Joker War”

•             Legion of Super-Heroes 8

•             Red Hood: Outlaw 48—tie-in to “The Joker War

•             Teen Titans Annual 2

•             The Last God 8

•             Wonder Woman 761

•             Action Comics 1024

•             Amethyst 5

•             Batman Beyond 46

•             John Constantine: Hellblazer 9

•             Justice League Dark 25

•             Plunge 6

•             Suicide Squad 8

•             The Flash 760

•             The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage 4

•             Injustice: Year Zero 11

•             Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 18

•             Batman: Gotham Nights 22

•             DCeased: Hope at World’s End 15

Week of 3/8

•             Batman (1940-2011) 233

•             Super Friends (1976-1981) 41

•             Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 113

•             Blood Syndicate (1993-1996) 1

•             Icon (1993-1997) 6

•             Batgirl 48—tie-in to “The Joker War

•             Batman 98—”The Joker War” part four!

•             DCeased: Dead Planet 3

•             Hellblazer: Rise and Fall 1

•             Justice League 52

•             Strange Adventures 5

•             The Dreaming: Waking Hours 2

•             Young Justice 18

•             Shazam! 14

•             The Terrifics 30

•             Injustice: Year Zero 12

•             Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 19

Week of 3/15

•             Let Them Live! 4

•             Detective Comics (1937-2011) 111

•             Super Friends (1976-1981) 42

•             Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 123

•             Static (1993-1997) 7

•             Hardware (1993-1997) 7

•             Dark Nights: Death Metal Trinity Crisis 1

•             Nightwing 74—tie-in to “The Joker War

•             Superman 25

•             The Green Lantern Season Two 7

•             Wonder Woman 762

•             Batman & the Outsiders 16

•             Hawkman 27

•             Justice League Odyssey 24

•             The Flash 761

•             Wonder Woman 1984 Museum Mayhem 1

•             Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 20

•             Batman: The Adventures Continue 15

Week of 3/22

•             Challenge of the Super Sons 1

•             Justice League of America (1960-1987) 112

•             Super Friends (1976-1981) 43

•             Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 143

•             Blood Syndicate (1993-1996) 2

•             Icon (1993-1997) 7

•             Batman 99—”The Joker War” part 5!

•             Catwoman 25—tie-in to “The Joker War

•             Detective Comics 1027

•             Justice League 53—“Doom Metal” part one of five

•             Metal Men 10

•             Teen Titans 45

•             The Batman’s Grave 10

•             Raised By Wolves 1

•             Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 21

•             Batman: The Adventures Continue 16

Week of 3/29

•             Challenge of the Super Sons 2

•             Let Them Live! 5

•             Harley Quinn Black + White + Red 15

•             Harley Quinn Black + White + Red 16

•             Harley Quinn Black + White + Red 17

•             Justice League of America (1960-1987) 159

•             Super Friends (1976-1981) 44

•             Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 198

•             Static (1993-1997) 8

•             Hardware (1993-1997) 8

•             Batgirl 49—tie-in to “The Joker War

•             Batman/Superman 12

•             Dark Nights: Death Metal Speed Metal 1

•             Justice League Dark 26

•             Shazam! 15

•             The Last God 9

•             Action Comics 1025

•             Batman Beyond 47

•             Suicide Squad 9

•             The Flash 762

•             Aquaman 63

•             Injustice: Year Zero 13

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is the primary destination for fans to discover new comics every day, from popular recent releases to more tales from deep in the archive vaults, rescued from the wear and tear of time and digitized for new readers to enjoy, 85 years later. Subscribers also gain access to curated “Showcase” collections and friendly “Get To Know” entry points to help discover new characters. DC UNIVERSE INFINITE is available for download on web, Android, & iOS devices.

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